Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Homemade Alphabet Quilt...

Can you believe it's WEDNESDAY already? Are you ready for Would you Buy it Wednesday? Or how about Nifty Thrifty Tuesday? I am! What do you think of this homemade alphabet quilt?

It is about the size of a twin bed. The stitching is done by hand. Some of the stitches are so uniform they almost look to have been done by a machine, but a lot of them (even in the same row as the perfect stitches) are a little off-so you know it wasn't done by a machine. It is edged in all of the colors of the letters.

What do you think? Would you have bought it? How much would you have spent on it? How much do you think I spent?......Are you sitting down? $4!!! I originally bought it for the booth, but since I've had it, I think I kinda  like it and might just end up keeping it....

I'm linking up to Junker Newbie's Would you buy it Wednesday. Show us what you found this week and let us tell you if we would buy it by linking up too!

Also linking up to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday-over at Coastal Charm--check it out!


  1. 4?! What? That is an insane good price! I would have bought it! Sometimes I wonder why something handmade, that was probably a gift, is sitting at a thrift store or yard sale.

  2. Oh my goodness! I would have jumped on that quilt! Love it! It would be perfect for my new Grandson!! That is an awesome find!


  3. Holy moly! $4?? I SO would have bought that quilt! So jealous!

  4. Great find and price I would have picked it up!

  5. Wow! Only $4, that is a steal of a deal!