Friday, April 27, 2012

Brrr...Chilly Junkin' Day!

Today was the first day of my hometown's Community Wide Yard Sale! I look forward to this big sale every year! The past two years, I've run into one of my cousins at one of the sales. I think the treasure hunting/junking gene must run in the family!! She just turned 90 and she is addicted to sales just as just much as I am. I was very disappointed that we didn't bump into each other today!

I must have hit at least 50 garage/yard sales today. When I first started (around 9am), it was really cold and really quiet. I was shocked at how few people were out and about! It took until about noon for traffic to pick up and even then it still seemed pretty light.

I enjoy this sale because it is in the city/town that my family on my mom's side is from, so it is like an old reunion going back and seeing how things have changed since I was there last. I went to two sales that were across the street from the house my grandparents used to live in. They lived there until 1980 when they retired and moved north.

When I was a kid, their house seemed absolutely HUGE. Today, it seemed about a tenth of the size it seemed when I was a kid! They used to have a giant Magnolia tree out front that they planted the year my mom graduated from high school. The last time I saw the tree, it was ginormous! Now the tree is gone, and there isn't  anything left to show there ever was such a glorious tree there.

Prices were all over the board at the sales today. Some people had prices higher than antique store prices, some people were middle of the road, and some people were super cheap. For the most part, it looked like run of the mill, everyday garage sale junk at every sale. There wasn't very much that was different or intriguing. There was a HUGE over abundance of baby stuff! Some yards and garages looked like they just threw up all kinds of baby gear! There were a few houses that would have given Babies R Us a run for their money!

The sun was shining and the skies were blue-even though it was chilly-it was a nice day!!!

 Old wooden kids desk and chair set $8. Needs some paint, but it is in great shape and is still sturdy and solid!

 I saw this guy at the first sale I went to and they wanted $10 for him. I found him again at another sale a couple of hours later for only $1!! I'm glad I waited!!!

 Some tins-ten cents to fifty cents.

 Four tablecloths-a quarter each and a tea towel  for a quarter.

 An EAPG punch bowl with stand, cups and hooks for $2 and I thought I'd try the Aqua Globes-maybe they will help me keep my plants alive!

 A white chenille bedspread, a purple toile keepsake box and a quarter apron.

 Older Little golden books, waeschterbach Christmas mugs, Easter paper mache eggs, vintage carousel tumblers $4-for everything!

 Flowery pink hat and vintage thermos-$2.50.

All total, I spent $24.60.

 I remembered to take my camera and took a couple of shots of some awesome barns.

I also got a surprise in the mail today...

I think it fits in nicely with my other vintage red stuff...what do you think??

Tomorrow Kevin is working with a group of guys on a few projects for an elderly lady in our town. They are working with Labor of Love, and they are replacing her kitchen floor, painting  and putting up some trim. I'm going to a couple of sales that start tomorrow and catching up on laundry and groceries-then we have vball in the evening. I'm glad our hectic volleyball schedule is winding down! I'm ready for some free evenings!!

Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Junk Hunting!!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Great finds and I love the little surprise you got in the mail, it is gorgeous!

  2. Super barn photos. Hope I am still thrifting at 90.

  3. Always love those old polka dot jars and bowls. I used to see them all the time and not very often anymore or they want a bundle for them.