Saturday, April 28, 2012

Quick Junkin' Trip...

Today's outing was a quick trip in between groceries, laundry and housework. Kevin and Eric left around 6:30 this morning to get started on their "Labor of Love" project. They are working on a 100 year old house about 4 miles away for an 80 year old woman. They are putting down a new kitchen floor, painting and putting up some trim.

They have 5 people on their team. Labor of Love has a county-wide repair/build/clean/rake blitz every year at this time where local churches get together to tackle projects for the elderly, impaired and low income people and families in our community. This is Kevin's 4th year. He has been a house captain for the past 3 years.

Since they were already gone, I decided to try my luck at a barn sale, an estate sale, two antique shops, a consignment shop and a couple garage sales. Typing it all out makes it seem like so much more than it was! The barn sale was a dud. I guess if I was to use my frog and prince grading scale, I'd say the barn sale was a squished, dried up dead frog-it was such a waste of time!

The estate sale was packed! It was out in the country and there had to be at least 25 cars lining the long driveway when I got there. It had a really unique staircase in the middle of the house. It was only one person wide, and it spiraled up to a loft/office and down to the basement.

When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised to see the sale was being conducted by one of my favorite estate sale companies. I have been to more of their sales than any other company. Their prices are, for the most part, reasonable, and their staff is friendly and they are always very well organized with EVERYTHING priced and ready to go when they open.

Had I gotten to the sale just a few minutes earlier, I could have picked up a set of Pyrex Friendship bowls...I just realized that I've never bought any Pyrex in that pattern. Maybe I have a mental block when it comes to that mom had it when I was growing up and I remember carrying the biggest bowl in the set in the door at my grandma's house and tripping and dropping the bowl. It hit the cement porch and shattered and ruined not only the bowl, but the potato salad that was in it too!

The only things I got today were from the estate sale and from a little garage sale on the last day...

The quilts are in really rough shape...would you have bought them? Or would you have walked right on by? What if the price was super cheap? How about if they were $1.50 each?? I couldn't pass them up at that price. I felt like I needed to rescue them! They are hand stitched!!! All that work and they get neglected and tossed away for $1.50 each. I plan to try to turn the Grandma's Garden quilt into a bag for my granny cart. The other one I think I can make a couple of pillow out of...


  1. Looks like you had a productive day. I love the quilts--great price! Went to 3 ES-and BUST. Oh well next time. LuAnn

  2. pyrex and fiesta ware, it does not get better than that!

  3. Of course you had to buy the quilts!! The pyrex and the little creamers/pitchers? Wonderful!