Thursday, April 5, 2012

Out and About on a BEAUTIFUL Spring Day!!

I only had to work 3 hours today so I decided to try my luck at some sales. I found 8 sales that looked somewhat promising-the only problem...they were in another town/city that was about 30 miles away. Normally that wouldn't phase me, but gas prices being what they are...made me think twice about going. In the end, I decided to go for it, and I'm glad I did!!!

It is a BEAUTIFUL day today! Very sunny, but still a little chilly-only 46 degrees! The first sale was in a brand new subdivision that only had about a dozen of probably 50+ homes built. When I pulled in, I was thinking, "why did I come here? I'm not going to find anything!" Admit it, you'd probably think the same thing right?? Well, I was right-nothing for me there!

I stopped at a tiny "moving sale" a few miles away and was excited the minute I pulled up the curb! It was an outside sale and the first thing I saw from the road was the big snowman!

She had the little guy on the side of the garage and sold them both to me for $3! I love their noses!!

One of the stops was actually at an antique store (I didn't know this from the ad though) that was having a yard sale in their parking lot. Nothing was priced, and there was no one outside watching stuff. I had to go in and the only person around was a teenage guy, who was watching the store for his dad. I found 4 things I wanted, so he called his dad for prices. His dad never answered his I got my stuff really cheap!!

I stopped at a new VOA Thrift store and found some Atlas canning jars, a ball canning jar, a vintage thermos and an aluminum spice set-and a brand new shirt for me (sorry-already in the washer)!

Then there was one last estate was run by an estate sale "company" of sorts-although their signs looked to have been made by a second grader (no kidding), and their prices looked to have been done by the queen! Some things weren't marked, so I took a chance and went to the check out table and the woman doing the inside check-out, didn't have a clue (she even told me she didn't), and she said "I don't know how about $1 each...she meant $1 each stack! I got both stacks of 4 trays each for $2!!

This stack also had a set of coasters!

It was a small score, but a cheap score for the day, and I got to enjoy not having to think about ANYTHING for a few hours!! I even got to sing at the top of my lungs along with the radio while I was driving and enjoying the gorgeous sunshine!!! Even if I didn't find anything-it would have been a great day!

How was your day?? Did you get to any sales today? I don't expect to go to anymore sales this weekend-how about you? Tonight is the big annual marshmallow drop and moon glow Easter egg hunt at the park near our house, so I'll have a post later about that!

What are you doing for Easter? Are you cooking? Are you spending it with family? I'm cooking-just for the 4 of us. We are doing a ham and a turkey (on the grill). I'm thinking about having an early dinner and then heading north to stay with my parents for a few days. The gas prices are still a big I may just stay home and clean out some cupboards and do so spring cleaning-haven't made up my mind yet. All of my guys have to work too much to even consider going up with me.

Well, whatever you do, I hope you have a wonderful Easter and a happy weekend!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Congrats on all your awesome finds. Hubby and I are meeting dtr/son in law/grand dtr at Frankenmuth for some Easter fun. May hit the new Flea Market in Goodrich on the way home. Hope to find goodies too. Have a good Easter.

    1. Hi LuAnn! Thanks for stopping by! We've gone to Frankenmuth for Easter and it was fun!! Hope you have a fun day with your family!! I didn't know there was a new flea market in Goodrich! If you stop, please let me know how it is!!! Happy Easter!!!

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  3. Love that spice set and those poinsettia trays!

    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for stopping by! I love the poinsettia trays too! Can you believe they were a quarter each?!? Happy Easter!!!

  4. Didn't make it to the Goodrich Flea Market today but have been in the past. This is a new FM this year. There's lots of vendors and shoppers. It's right on M15 just a little north of downtown. It's every Saturday from 8am to 4pm. Hope you get to stop by.

  5. I like those coasters even the red color look like strong, but it's the image on the coaster is so happy couple.