Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend? What Weekend?

This weekend flew by so fast, it was almost like it never even happened! On Friday, I met my friend Deb and her daughter Mandy and we visited Williamston Antiques and Livingston Antique Outlet, and then we went to lunch. Deb moved to Atlanta almost 2 years ago and every time she comes back, we try to have a lunch date to catch up.

It was so nice to catch up!!! After lunch, I went to my friend Becky's house to help her make chicken enchiladas. We made 35, and she was thinking she might go get more stuff to make more. She was hosting a surprise 30th birthday party for her son's fiancee.

Saturday morning Kevin and I ran to a couple of estate sales. One in my home town-just a few miles away and the other one was in Hell...Hell, Michigan that is. It was a tiny little house and the estate sale company running the sale only had 3 workers. There was some tension outside when one of the workers asked to see a  customer's receipt as he was walking out to his car.

He threatened to post ads all over Craigslist destroying this company's credibility. I'm glad I was in the house and didn't hear it. Kevin told me about it when we were driving to the other sale.  I picked up a couple of glassware pieces and an old tin. The second sale was a one day only "blow out" sale. Nothing was marked (not my favorite-as you already know). I picked up a couple aprons, a vintage Bingo game, a liquor decanter/shot glass set still in the box, and an old yardstick.

We saw Auntie at the second sale. She had a big pile of stuff and was waiting to check out when we left. I think there was only one person working that sale. I got my stuff at a great price, I squeezed in between a couple bigger sales and he threw out a pretty low price for my little pile and I offered less...he kind of bickered a little bit, but when your ad says "all must go", "one day blow out" and you walk around shouting that it all "must be gone by 4:00", you have to expect people are going to dicker on the prices.

After the second sale, we made a Costco run and then went home so I could get my stuff ready for the booth for dealer day (today). We had to play volleyball at 5:30, then I came straight home and worked some more on pricing and cleaning up my stuff.

We went to church this morning, then raced home to get the car loaded then ran to the antique mall to reorganize the booth and add in some junk stuff. One of the doors had all of the glass broken out of it. It wasn't like that when I was there Friday, so I asked what happened. Someone broke in last night!! The owner's daughter was there until 8pm, and someone broke in around 9. They took a lot of coins from one booth and a lot of gold jewelry from another, and they said it looked like they knew exactly what they wanted, and didn't touch anything else.

In the past couple of months, I've lost a vintage fishing reel, a very pretty Valentine's apron, a couple tablecloths, and some small glassware pieces. Do you have a problem with theft where you have your booth? During the year that I've had my booth, I've lost about a dozen things. Most of them small things that were very cheap when I bought them, so it hasn't been a big expense to me-yet! I just hope this isn't a trend that is going to keep escalating.

The rest of the day today, I've spent cleaning, doing laundry and making dinner. Nothing exciting, but stuff that needed to be done! Tomorrow it's back to work, a meeting after work, volleyball at 6:45. Tuesday-work, and vball at 7. Wednesday-work and vball at 8:40. Thursday-work, and then vacation for 10 days!!! I can't wait!!! Adam is house sitting again for my friend, and Eric is dog sitting for one of his teachers. We will have 3 dogs in our house for a week-yikes!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!! I'm off to see what you've been up to, and then finish up the last load of laundry! Have a great week!!!

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