Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Silver Lining...

Today was one of "those" days. A day with a bunch of little frustrations. Fortunately it does have a silver lining or a rainbow at the end of it. I went to a couple of estate sales in the Lansing area today, and Kevin went with me so we could stop at Menard's and check out their stone (we want to put some sort of stone on the bottom walls of the sun room).

The first estate sale was almost like going to a carnival. They had a guy set up with his kettle corn booth and he was making fresh kettle corn! They also had a tent set up with someone's crafts! It was a HUGE sale with a a crazy HUGE crowd. We got there about 15 minutes after they opened and I got number 123 for the barn and 124 for the house. The barn was the best, most packed area of the sale. I got right in, because the person running it just let everyone in.

I picked up this old crate...not sure if it is just an old crate or if it is an old chicken crate...what do you think??

After the barn,  I stood in line to get into the house for about 15 minutes. The whole time I was down-wind and about 10 feet from the kettle-I can still smell it in my hair! Yes, I bought a BIG bag and so far the boys haven't found it yet so there is still a little left!

The house was so not worth the wait! It was filled with mostly newer craft stuff and only a small amount of old stuff. I found a few things in the barn that I loved, but someone had gotten to them first and snatched them all up! I did manage to find a few old pictures that I couldn't pass up. I think they are all really fun shots-what do you think??

I also got this old Valentine card...

and this old white hanky...

I saw another dealer from the mall where my booth is. I expected to see her. She is always at the Thursday sales, and she usually is at the sales that advertise the stuff that this one had for sale. She always acts like I have the plague when I see her. She will never say hello, or try in any way to be friendly. I've given up on saying hello to her now. I just walk by and smile. I don't get people sometimes. Oh well, I'm not losing any sleep over it. It just makes me feel sorry for her, because if she treats me that way, she treats other people the same and she's missing out on a lot of joy in her life!!

After the sales, we placed our order for the stone at Menard's, and had lunch at A&W. I've been craving chili cheese fries and a coney dog for the longest time! It wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. I was hoping for the kind of dog that snaps when you bite it. I think they just used something like Ball Park franks-it wasn't bad, just not close your eyes and sigh, kind of good.

When we got home, Kevin decided to run to Home Depot to get the metal lath for the walls so he could get started getting everything prepped for the stone, and I ran to a local church rummage sale. When I got back I helped him hang the metal lath. It was then that we realized he had picked up wayyy too much lath...then we also realized that he figured wrong and we had ordered more than twice as much stone as we needed!!

I called and it took a couple of hours, but they were able to reduce the order, even though it had already been placed with the manufacturer. WHEW!!! We would have had enough extra stone to cover the front of our garage, the under side of the deck on three sides and whatever else we wanted to cover! We saved a bunch of money too!

I picked up a couple of tablecloths at the rummage sale...nothing special, but they were a buck, so I couldn't pass them up!

I picked up a couple of things earlier in the week when I was out and about...

Even though it wasn't the best day for sales, I did get a couple of things I am happy with. It was a beautiful day for a drive. We had lunch out, and the best part...we're not stuck with 200 extra square feet of special order stone!!! WHEW!!!

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