Friday, April 20, 2012

A Very Full Day...

Today was supposed to be a washed out rainy, cold day-all day long. When I got up and about this morning, it was actually sunny, and almost warm. That was a great way to start the day when every weather report has called for a 60% chance of morning showers, leading into thunderstorms int he afternoon!

Kevin decided to tag along today and hang out with me as I did some treasure seeking at a few sales. We got to the first sale about 40 minutes early. Their ad on said that they do NOT honor street numbers and they would hand out their own numbers 30 minutes prior to the start of the sale.

We figured we'd get there, stand in line for 10 minutes, get our numbers then go back and sit in the car and read our books until the sale opened at 9. When we go to the porch 3 other people who had been sitting in their cars came up and joined us. They already had numbers!!

I asked them why they were standing on the porch when they already had numbers (official numbers handed out by the estate sale company). I said I was going to get my number and go sit back in my car til it opened. They laughed and said that when they got their numbers they were told the sale was going to open at 8:30!!

So Kevin ran back to the car to get my money and my bags-I was so unprepared!!! I never for a minute thought we'd not go back to the car. I've never had that happen before where a sale opened early like that! Usually, they open late and everyone is getting anxious and cranky waiting!

When they opened, there were 6 of us standing on the porch and we got in a half an hour before the official, advertised start time. What do you think about that? Is that fair? I'm still not sure what I think about that. Today it worked out in my favor, but on other occasions, it might not. I was surprised there were so few people at the sale because the pictures seemed pretty interesting. I thought for sure I'd be number 27, or higher. It seems like I'm always number 27 or higher!!

Most of the things I wanted were priced way too high. The prices were at what I would list them at in the booth-- no money to be made--so I left them there. I did find a few things that came home with me, and Kevin found a few things that he couldn't live without too.

We drove to 4 or 5 garage sales (tis the season now YAYYY!!) and picked up a treasure here and there. We even found a sale with brand new, never used landscape bricks (the kind you make raised flower beds with or small walls around flower beds with for a quarter a piece! The guy is delivering 200 of them tomorrow!!! They usually sell for $2+ each at Home Depot or Lowes!

We stopped at Home Depot for some more mortar for the lower outside walls of the sunroom (prepping for the stone), and then we stopped at a little mom and pop restaurant called Rocket Grilled Subs. It is a tiny little place that I've wanted to try for a couple of years, but every time I'm in that area at lunch time, I always end up forgetting about it.

Today was the day! It is very tiny inside, only 2 tables with chairs and 4 stools at a snack bar at the window facing the street. They had a HUGE menu with all kinds of subs and sides! Some of their items reminded me of Tubby's subs. The prices seemed a little on the high side. The older lady running the counter seemed to be frazzled, and not to happy about being there. She wasn't mean, but she also wasn't very friendly-just focused on the task at hand...or maybe she was just having a bad day.

I ordered the chicken and broccoli, and Kevin ordered the Italian and we split an order of onion rings. Oh-My-GOSH!!! I was expecting a Tubby's copycat, and was MOST pleasantly surprised with MUCH better!!! We both really enjoyed our lunch, and can't wait to go back!!  I can't wait to take the boys there-they will LOVE it!

We were starving when our food came and we started inhaling it so fast that I forgot to take a picture! I did get a shot of their menu wall-it's not that great of a shot, but you can see how many things this tiny place has to offer. As we were finishing up, a guy from our church came in and sat near and chatted with us while he waited for his order. It was kind of fun and refreshing-almost like a small town atmosphere.

We went home after lunch so Kevin could get busy making some calls to volunteers from our church for the Labor of Love project he is working on next Saturday, and I went with Eric to order a tux for the prom. He got a great deal too! He's my practical, frugal (for the most part) son. Adam on the other hand always has to have the top of the line, newest, flashiest, trendiest, whatever. Eric's tux was less than half of what Adam's was 3 years ago!

Even though it was busy, hectic day, we still had time to enjoy all of the flowers and trees that are blooming and budding, the sunshine and blue skies when it was forecasted to rain, a small town-delicious lunch, regular life tasks and sharing in life milestones (with Eric). We even enjoyed each other's company!

Here is what we got...
 Kevin insisted that the bag of concrete be in the shot...

 Cast iron legs, tapestry seat-full of cat hair-but super cheap!

This little cabinet has sliding doors and it has two shelves inside. I think with a little white paint over the blue and maybe a little sanding on the edges it will be a really cute cabinet. What do you think? Kevin was appalled that I wanted it-he doesn't think anyone will buy it. What do you think? Would you have spent the $5 and taken a chance on it? Or would you have agreed with him and walked away? What color would you paint it?

We also got to go to a sale in this really awesome old barn!

How about you? What was your Friday like? I'll be stopping by your place next to catch up-Happy Weekend!!


  1. What a beautiful bench! love the legs.
    Friends and I are going Pyrex hunting today!

    1. Have FUN Ann!!! Good luck with the Pyrex hunt!
      Thanks for stopping by!!! :)