Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Surprise!

This morning I wanted to get out and be out and about in the gorgeous (although chilly) sunshine. I scoured Craigslist for sales in my area, and came up with two within 5 miles of my house, so I set out. The first one was not really a sale, as I would call a sale. It was a new resale shop that was set up like a garage sale in an old computer ink business. It was mostly newer stuff, and I'd say 99% of it wasn't marked. I didn't find anything. It's a good thing I didn't find anything because when I got back in my car, I realized that I left my cash at home!!

I had plans with the boys to meet for lunch, and it was only 10:30 when I left the first sale-and the second sale didn't start until noon, so I stopped at TJ Max and walked around for a while, and then decided to head home to get my cash and find out where the boys were and what time we were meeting. They are house sitting for my friend just a few miles from our house.

As I was pulling on to my street, I noticed a sign going in the opposite direction of my house. Our road is split by a main road, and we live on the dead-end dirt part of the road. The sale was on the other bigger part of our road. It was at the home of an older lady who has been a collector for years! She has had at least 2 other sales in the past few years that I've gone to and my friend Auntie has gone to as well.

She is down-sizing and her house is for sale. I heard her say she is moving into an apartment. Both Auntie and I have bought a LOT of stuff from her in years past. This time around, it was a small sale. Just odds and ends, and by the time I left and another guy who was shopping at the same time left, there wasn't anything vintage to be found! That's why I didn't call or text you about the sale Auntie... :)

After I paid for my stuff, I noticed a set of 3 old white wood chairs. While I was asking about them, another lady started going through the boxes of stuff I had already paid for!! I looked up and said, "Uh, that's my stuff." She asked me if I had paid for it!! Since I had, I said yes!! Did that mean if I hadn't, she wasn't going to put it back? I've never experienced something like that before at a sale. Usually when someone has a pile or box of stuff, if they mention it, people will walk away-no questions asked.

I really shopped at this sale! I had quite a load to drop off at home before I could take the boys to lunch! We tried the sale that didn't open until noon before we went to lunch, but the only things that were vintage were being bought by someone else (a dealer in my mall, I'm pretty sure) as I was walking up.

Lunch was a LOT of fun! We went to a local Chinese restaurant that we all really like and since they just started $5 lunch specials, it was even better!! Now, Adam is off to work, and Eric is off to play video games as he enjoys house-sitting. After wearing out the new puppy (Lucy) and the old lady (Maddie), I am enjoying a very quiet house!

I think the BEST sales I've ever been to are the little sales that are not advertised. The sales by older ladies, who just at the spur of the moment decide to have a sale! I think they are like reaching your hand in your coat pocket after not wearing it for several months and pulling out money!

Here is what I picked up...

All of these Little Golden Books are bar code free. Some of them have the dark binding that came before the leaf pattern. All of them are before the shiny "gold" binding. One of them is a first printing edition. She gave me a lesson on what to look for to help identify their age.

 I actually got two of these, one has a dark blue binding, which I was told is a lot older than this one.


 A vintage doll coat and hat-I couldn't resist for only a quarter!

A doll apron made out of a vintage hanky! She thought it was worthless, so she gave it to me for free!

 More cute doll clothes and a tiny pair of doll socks!

 A 9 piece set-four napkins, four place mats and a table runner.

 A beer cap trivet, a pair of gloves and an aluminum measuring spoon set. Someone took the time to cover the caps with foil before they made the trivet! 

 This is a cloth was only a quarter!

 Inside view of doll case. 

 Couldn't keep Lucy out of the photos, she really was interested in this doll case!

This was on a table just like this...I couldn't believe my eyes!
 It was the first thing I looked at, and the first thing I picked up!!

This is what they look like out of the tissue paper and box!

 This is just to show the chairs-not a great shot, but they are just old white chairs. I got 3 of them. I'm hoping to use them as extra guest chairs when we have company!

Last, but not old washboard with glass!!

I sure wasn't expecting to find any more sales this weekend, but I'm glad I did!! 


  1. WOW! I can't believe you found the Pyrex mixing bowl set, in such great condition. And, all those other goodies- so nice.

  2. Oh my! I loved the books, esp the Christmas ones and the hankie apron..but the PYREX! Looks like they are in great shape too. You should be on cloud 9 with your finds!

  3. YIPEE!!!!The Pyrex is a huge find! Congratulations.

  4. This is a great posting I have read. I like your article. Thank you

  5. Oh my goodness you have a treasure in those pyrex primary nesting bowls!! What a find!

    Love the children's books also. We used to call our oldest son "Pokey" after the Pokey little puppy!