Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Finds...

I had a fun day of treasure seeking yesterday and came home with some fun things! It was a gorgeous day, lots of blue skies and gorgeous sunshine! Our local paper had 39 garage sales in our area, and I was able to find 10 in my town. sale (actually a sub sale), was never to be found, but I was happy with the adventure I had, so I didn't mind not finding it!

This is what I came home with...
 A Gossip Bench!! I've been looking for about a year for one of these!!! I can't wait to paint it and recover the seat!!!

 A box of 2003 A & W Mugs (4).

 An awesome vintage daisy bowl. I'm finding I'm drawn to daisies lately...maybe because they were my Aunt's favorite flower...

A black Pyrex mixing bowl!

$3 milk jug!


  1. 39 local garage sales! The season is upon us- yea! Great assortment of finds- will you keep the gossip bench?

  2. Hi JunkStuffTreausres!
    I have to admit, my heart did skip a beat or two when I pulled up the local newspaper and saw there were so many sales!!! I'm soo excited for this summer's sales!!
    I really love the shape and design of the gossip bench, I hope it turns out nicely once I paint it. I plan to keep it or at least "foster" it for a while!
    I'm even more excited about it now that my mom told me my great grandma used to have one just like it!

  3. Great finds! I've never seen a solid black Pyrex bowl...kind of cool!