Friday, April 6, 2012

Marshmallows Falling From the Sky Doesn't Always Mean FUN Times!

Last night was our community's 3rd annual Easter marshmallow drop and moon glow egg hunt. This year was the most organized it has ever been. Kudos to the team organizing it for working so hard to plan, organize and run it this year! It was also the most attended event of the three years. This year seemed to be as big as the past two years combined!! We live on a dead-end dirt road near the fields where the festivities are held, and usually we see the people, hear the loudspeaker (echoing in the house with the windows closed), and we walk over and take pictures. We have actually enjoyed watching this event the past couple of years.

This year...not so much! People decided to park on our little dirt road. On both sides, three quarters of the way down. It was nearly impossible to get in or out for a good chunk of the evening. Our driveway saw a steady stream of people in and out. Even when we put our giant trash can in the middle of the driveway, people still drove in and went on our grass.

I actually stood out there and when people went around the barricades in our driveway, I clicked pictures of them to share with our township supervisor-not that it will do any good! They weren't happy about me snapping pictures of them as they drove into my driveway that was blocked to prevent anyone from driving into it!!

Eventually, we put out a sawhorse and cones along with the giant trash bin, and decided to go to the back of the house to try to ignore it. There was a steady stream of cars from about 6pm until about 9:30pm. There was even a police officer sitting at the end of the road with flares because of the amount of traffic. Too bad that officer left all of the used up flares and the wire stands IN the road when he or she left!! Come on!! REALLY?? How disappointing!! I guess they are expecting the Used up Flare Fairy to come and pick it up...or maybe the Easter Bunny was supposed to do that this year...

Too bad "guests" of this event left a TON of trash and marshmallows all over the place! I know it is only one night a year, but...when they first started this event we were told people would not be allowed to park on our road...what happened this year?? I tried to call the township to let them know our concerns, but of course, they weren't open today...figures!

If we would have had a fire, or a medical emergency, I highly doubt that emergency services would have been able to get down our road in a timely manner. Considering only 2 houses are occupied on our little road, maybe they feel that the income from the over 700 kids paying to attend this event is more important than the safety and well being of just 2 families.

Yeah, I got some fun pictures...yeah, I enjoyed watching the helicopter drop the marshmallows, yeah, I'm glad so many kids had a fun night...but I sure wish it could be done somewhere else!!!  The park has totally destroyed our privacy, and peaceful yard with their soccer fields, stadium lights (that we were promised would only light up our yard like a full moon-HA! What a joke!! We could sit out and play cards in the middle of the yard when the lights are on!), and all of the people!

Want me to tell you how I really feel?? (smile) That's a joke! I usually ask that after I've been venting about something, just to lighten it up. Here are some shots of what it looked like around here last night...

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