Friday, July 27, 2012

600 Posts and a Give-Away!!!

WOW!!! I can't believe I have made 600 posts already!! It's been a fun junkin journey and I'm looking forward to the next 600 and beyond! I've enjoyed my treasure hunts and posting about them as well as seeing the things you've been finding and reading about your adventures! I love to cheer for you when I see you've had a great junkin day, and I love to learn new things from you when you share things you've seen or done!

I have appreciated all of the encouragement you've given me, the comments, emails the laughs and the friendships! I've even met some of my blog junkin buddies in person!! So, in honor of you, my blog buddies and my 600th post, I am having a give-away!

I've gone through my junk treasures, and I've put together an eclectic mix. One winner will be chosen at random on August 1. There are six ways you can enter the give-away.

1. Follow this blog
2. Follow on Facebook
3. Leave a comment on this blog
4. Leave a comment on facebook
5. Become a linky follower
6. Send me an email

Here is what I've gathered for the give-away...I'll probably toss in a couple other things before I tape up the box-it's a surprise!

It includes a Pioneer Corn sack, a silver netting hat, some vintage clothespins, an aqua 626 square bowl, an oval doily, a clear ink bottle, a clear salt cellar, a couple hankies, a kitty picture, some Christmas bias tape, some sequins and beads, and a couple of embroidery pieces. I'll toss in a couple more surprise treasures before I close up the box!


  1. CONGRAT"S on 600 posts!!!
    Loving the giveaway treasures and Thank you for having a giveaway to celebrate 600 posts!
    I've already emailed you!
    This is my comment entry. LOL!

  2. I also follow your blog!
    Thanks again!
    Deb :)

  3. Wow! 600 posts! Been following you for awhile...really enjoy your treasures!

  4. Your blog is fun reading for sure! Congrats on reaching 600 posts!

  5. Hi, I am a follower! I can't believe you are at 600 posts!

  6. Your blog is so fun! Congrats on 600 posts.

  7. 600 posts are amazing! Enjoy visiting your blog. Warm hugs, Esther