Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th on Brevort Lake

Every year, one of my parent's neighbors has a big fireworks display on the 4th. This year, was no exception. It was a nice, balmy night and I think half the people who live on the lake were there! The mosquitoes were feasting on me, so I decided to head home as soon as the fireworks were over.

As we were walking up to the house (about 1000 feet from the beach), to get in the car to drive home, the home owner came up behind us in his golf cart. He was taking his daughter and her son up to the house so the grandson could go to bed. He pulled up and told us to hop on the seats on the back and he'd give us a ride.

I said thanks, but we would walk. Kevin hopped on and said "C'mon!" BIG mistake! I was carrying my hoodie and camera and got about 1/4 of the way on and the guy took off!! I flew off the back and wiped out! I probably looked like I was drunk, the way I was laying in the path laughing and the way I flew off. I was the only person (other than the kids) who wasn't drinking though! I'm feeling really stiff and sore today-at least I didn't break my camera!!!

Hope you had a great 4th!

 More proof that there aren't any big fish in this lake! Caught two at one time on a night crawler rig-supposed to be catching pike or walleye-not fish sticks!

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