Saturday, July 14, 2012

Linens, Linens, and More Linens!!!

My friend Auntie and I went to the Williamston Antiques Market Open House this morning. We got there right at 8am as soon as they opened. We beat the heat and the crowds, but we missed out on the free hot dogs and popcorn (smile).

It seemed like there were either fewer vendors under the tent or they had less stuff on their tables than in previous years. I still found some great things though, and as you can tell from my post title, it was a linen kind of day!

There was a big bin of linens marked $1 each or $65 for the whole bin. I dug through the whole thing and found a bunch of table runners and a couple table cloths. I got a pansy hankie from another dealer and this quilt from another dealer. The quilt is in wonderful shape and I LOVE that it was only $10!!

After the open house, we stopped at a couple sales. I only bought one thing at the last sale...I was drawn to it because it reminded me of my grandma and grandpa's cabin (which later became their house) in Luzerne. It was 10 miles from the nearest town, wayyyy back in the woods. They didn't have electricity (they used gas lights, stove and refrigerator and had an army generator that they charged car batteries for tv, vcr, etc).

Then as we were walking out, Auntie said it would be great if it worked on dog hair! I've got a dog hair machine that lives in my house (my lab mix, sheds like crazy all year round)!  I tried it as soon as I got home. It does a pretty good job, but it can't compete with the good edge suction you get from an electric vacuum.

The best part about the linens is that they are all ironed and pre-starched. Some need a quick touch up with an iron, but for the most part, they are ready for tags and to head to the booth! That's where I'm headed tomorrow after I work for a couple of hours in the morning.

Hope you're having a great weekend!! I'm stopping by your place next to see what you've been finding and what you've been doing this week!!

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  1. Such pretty stuff and great prices!! I am falling in love with linens again, and finding some cute vintage sheets, too! That story of your grandma's cabin reminded me. My grandma had an old Servelle gas fridgerator that she hated, but I loved! The company no longer makes them, because there are no moving parts to replace and they'd last forever!!