Saturday, July 28, 2012

Craigslist and a Road Trip!

Yesterday I found an ad on Craigslist for a booth in an antique mall that I try to visit a few times a year. It's about 45 minutes from my house and it has really come a long way from when I first started visiting it. I was actually bored and I was searching for vintage Fiesta. The ad had pictures of a vintage relish tray, pitchers, vases, and other tempting Fiesta goodness.

 I found two estate sales (in their last days) that were close by and decided to take off! Eric was bored, and the skies were gloomy so he decided to tag along. Both estate sales were a bust pretty much. I picked up 5 yardsticks at the first sale and nothing at the second. Both houses were in terrible condition on the inside. They both smelled, and there were nasty, nasty stains on the carpet and the handrails (ick) were sticky and gross-too bad I wasn't thinking and actually touched them!!!

 In the basement of the first house there was about 900 million avon decanters and it had a sickeningly sweet cheap perfumy kind of smell (on top of gross, nasty house smell). There was a little boy who looked to be about three and he said "Daddy, why does it stink here?" Daddy replied, "Because this house just pooped a LOT of Avon." the little boy said "Oh." It didn't register to me totally what he said until I heard Eric snort, because he was trying to keep from cracking up!

 I've never seen so much Avon-even when we did a clean out sale for my grandparents several years ago! I can't imagine the thousands of dollars that was spent on all of the figurines and decanters. I guess everyone has their thing that they just love and are addicted to collecting. I'm sure there are some out there who think I am crazy for collecting mud (Fiesta) as Kevin calls it.

 We were hoping for  some great treasures at Mega Mall (in Lansing) because they were having a store-wide sale. I asked a worker where booth M1S was (because that was the one in the Craigslist ad) and quickly found my way. I LOVED this booth!! Eric and I laughed because it looked a lot like my booth-just about 1/3 of the size.  I even got to meet the booth owner! He was a worker in the mall and he LOVE Fiesta too-imagine that! We talked for a little bit and he asked me if I had seen his booth, and I told him I had, but I didn't buy anything because he was one of the few booths in the mall without a sale sign. He told me he was new and this was his first month and he was just testing it out.

 He offered me 20% off any of his Fiesta...I went back twice...drooled some...and crunched numbers...but in the end, I walked out with just some dark green shakers from another booth. I would have LOVED to have bought his Fiesta relish tray inserts, but they were just a touch too high for my super cheap taste. I'm sure someone will pay it and he'll have a great sale, but for me, I'd rather stick with the treasure hunt and the hope of finding them for a song!

I will remember his booth though, and every time I go back, I'll make sure I spend some extra time searching for treasures there! I'm hoping to get over there for one of their summer Sunday flea markets (every third Sunday). I asked the cashier and he told me in June they had 100 vendors in the parking lot for the flea market! Now that is impressive!! He said July was around 60 because everyone got discombobulated with the third Sunday being on the 15th-it just didn't seem like it was the third Sunday. They are expecting big crowds and lots of vendors for August (19th). I think I might try to make it after church!

We saw signs for a HUGE garage sale at Haslett High School, so we swung by there on our way home. It was mostly new stuff and baby and kid stuff, but it was HUGE! We didn't buy any treasures but we got some smoked brisket sandwiches for lunch-YUM! We joked and laughed all the way home so it felt like we were only on the road about 10 minutes!!

It was a FUN morning! I LOVE hanging out with my guys, either one at a time or both of them together!!! They are both at a really fun age-not kids any more at 18 and 21, but always my babies!

Here are my finds from today---Eric is my treasure for the day!!