Saturday, July 14, 2012

Soaking Linens...

I've been accumulating linens for a few months now in a big laundry basket in my bedroom. I've been putting off soaking them because it is so time consuming. Hopefully I've found a way to make it go faster! I went to Home Depot and bought a really cheap utility sink for $25, set it up in the yard, filled it with water and Biz and some dirty linens...

It really holds a lot of linens! I think it will be much faster than using some giant bowls in the kitchen-less messy too since it's all outside.

Here's my new set up...

I picked up a couple galvanized tubs on Thursday at a sale, but they are too rusty to try to soak linens in. They'll be planted with flowers soon! :)


  1. What a great, simple and effective idea. And the linens hanging on the clothesline look so pretty and made me smile looking at them.

  2. I'm going to have to get me one of those $35 sinks, great idea. I have a ton of linens to soak too!

  3. Great idea! Having a clothesline is an added bonus!

  4. Well...the $25 tub lasted all of 2 days!!! While it seemed like a great collapsed under the weight of a full sized chenille bedspread and a tub full of water. When I went back outside to check on the soaking progress, it was laying on the ground and all the water was drained out. It cracked on the back...I think I should have spend a little extra and gotten a better tub-live and learn!

    I'm going to try some silicon caulk to try to seal up the crack-and have Kevin build me a sturdier base---hopefully that will work!!!

    If you were considering trying this tub-spend a little more and get a better one!!!