Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Estate Sale Last Day Finds...

I went back to the sale from Friday. I went on the last day (Sunday) around noon, hoping to find some great deals. When I was there Friday, the prices were really high, and there was so much stuff that it was overwhelming, and I was afraid I might have missed something-plus I was hoping for 50-75% off prices.

When I got there, I was surprised at how many cars were already on the road in front of the house. It was almost like it was day one all over again! They had moved a good portion of stuff outside in the driveway, stuff that I never even saw on Friday!

When I went in the house, the counters were still loaded with stuff and every room was still loaded with stuff. There was still 3 large yellow Primary Pyrex mixing bowl and a lot of jadeite, and right in the middle of the counter was a Fiesta salad bowl! I never even saw it on Friday.

I found everything I had been interested in on Friday, but was unwilling to pay the high prices. I got it all for 50% off. It still wasn't garage sale prices, but it was cheap enough that I was willing to pay it.

Here is what I picked up...

Michigan vintage advertising yard sticks

 Gorgeous Fiesta salad bowl

Cute little Santa mug-didn't see this Friday

Small Pyrex 401 mixing bowl

Saw this thermos on Friday, but couldn't get the lid to screw on right. On Sunday it had the lid on perfectly and was half off!

His and Her's pillowcases embroidered with purple thread. They were supposed to be $10 a pair on Friday. I got them for $4 on Sunday. They were exactly where I left them too!

The lady running the sale said these pillowcases were $15 for the pair on Friday. On Sunday she told me $4 for the pair.

This Canada tablecloth is pretty stained up, I hope I can get the stains out!

Kevin picked this up for $1- electric pencil sharpener says made in Japan, and it works!!
I've never really been one to go back to an estate sale on the last day looking for bargains, but this sale was so packed with stuff and the prices were so high, that I took a chance and got some great deals. When I left you couldn't even tell that there had been an estate sale there. It looked like they were just set up and getting ready to open the doors to the first customers. I bet they will have to have it another weekend-hopefully with lower prices yet!


  1. Good strategy- it worked! It is amazing how many things you don't see on day #1. Hope they have the sale another weekend.

    1. So far they haven't had another sale...they might just need to catch their breath after the first one and re-price stuff (hopefully!) I would go back again if they did have another sale-especially if the prices were lower! I think this one was the fullest estate sale I've been to in all the years I've been going!!

  2. Great finds and smart that you went early! I love the vintage fabric.

  3. Hi Helena!
    Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by!!! :)