Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Rest of the Trip...

Here are the rest of the photos from our was a really nice trip and the time just flew by. I can't believe I have to go back to work in 2 days! Back to getting up at 5:30, back to sitting at a desk for 7 hours a day...I probably won't sleep much Sunday night, for fear of missing my alarm or over sleeping! Am I the only  one who does dumb stuff like that the night before returning to work after having been off? Have you ever done that?

This in in Munising. We got there at 12:56...four minutes before the 1:00 Pictured Rocks boat tour started. We decided to rush over to the glass bottom boat shipwreck tour place to see if we could do that tour while we waited until 4:00 for the next Pictured Rocks tour. Unfortunately, they were on the same 1:00 and 4:00 schedule, so we decided to see what we could see in town before heading to the walking trails at Pictured Rocks.

Cute little antique shop in Munising...

This bus was sitting outside of the glass bottom shipwreck boat tours building, taking up a good chunk of the narrow road. It says Northern Michigan University on the side, so I assumed there would be tons of college students getting off the boat when it was full of senior citizens!

This restaurant, Hudson's was a fun place to stop for a bite to eat. If you are ever in Marquette, stop in at Hudson's-the food was plentiful and great,  and the atmosphere was fun!

This was a little diner in Ontonogan called Syl' was a great little hometown place! It seemed like we were the only out of towners there, the servers knew everyone else. Their sign said their specialty was pasties, but I've never liked them so I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich and fries. It was delicious! Kevin had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and fries and we both got dessert! I got strawberry shortcake and he got coconut cream pie-YUM! They only take cash so be prepared when you go. Don't forget to sign their guest book too! The person who signed it right before we did was from Pontiac-not too far from where we live!

He said he was having a great vacation, but almost every photo shows otherwise...

This was the little motel we stayed at in Ontonogan. It was right behind Syl's, but we didn't know it! We actually used our GPS to find a place to eat, and that's how we found Syl's.

We stopped at a little antique shop just outside of Ishpeming. It was PACKED with junk treasures! It was hard to move around in there it was so packed! Kevin waited in the car for me, so I scooted through pretty quickly-especially when I got to the basement! I was the only one in the store at that point and I was afraid they would forget about me and lock up with me stuck in there! The basement was kinda creepy, and very musty. I got a few hankies, but that was it-everything else was priced way over my cheap meter.

We also stopped at a place called Da Yooper's Tourist Trap...

The outside was filled with all kinds of crazy stuff to look at and take pictures of. The inside was a souvenir shop. We walked around and stretched our legs, and I bought a t-shirt. Funny that he's smiling in the outhouse photos-huh? ;) When we got back to my parent's house, we found the girls happy, content and loving being up north!
Here are some other shots from the trip...

She wanted to lie down in water, but didn't want to walk her old legs to the lake, so she crawled into the flower garden pond (that hasn't been cleaned or set up yet this year), and couldn't get out...poor old girl!

Sitting on my parent's deck one night...after being dive bombed numerous times, I decided to try to catch them in a few shots.

They are both soaking wet from the lake and they want in...are you buying the pitiful look? I didn't either-LOL!

This is a huge burl we saw on the Pictured Rocks trail.

My mom and I went back when they were open. Nothing seemed new from last year, so I didn't get anything.

Yep! Still having fun-it's almost a smile!

I was NOT having fun-this is where I said enough and turned around.

LOVE this sign!!!

LOVE this sight!!!

Brevort Lake...

This is one happy girl-she loves being at grandma and grandpa's lake!

She's not so sure about the lake, but she loves being up north!!
Hope you are staying cool! We're headed out to dinner to a little place in Hamburg called Chris's Boogie Woogie BBQ-YUM! Have a great night!!! I'll be back later to catch up on all that you've been doing while I've been away!!!

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  1. What a nice vacation you had. How did you get the hummingbird pictures- they are terrific! And, you know you are teasing me by showing those lovely hankies.