Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finding the Humor in Life

Do you ever notice how stressed people get about a week before Thanksgiving, and how that stress level creeps higher and higher the closer it gets to Christmas? Some get crabby, some get cranky, some get just down-right nasty! It seems like I've gotten my share of the receiving end of stressed out people the past couple of weeks!

I've been on a mission to stay relaxed, and laugh a lot with a light heart and I am so blessed to have a family who gets my sense of humor and who likes to laugh as much as I do! Last night, my oldest son (Adam) was anxiously waiting for the UPS driver to deliver his order. Part of it was his Christmas present, part of it was some stuff he ordered for himself.

You'd think he was 6 instead of 20 for how anxious he was! What was he waiting for? A new mother board, a tower case, and some RAM-(cue crickets chirping!). So NOT my idea of fun stuff-but he did ask for the mother board for Christmas. As he told me, "Mom, I am 20 years old. I don't need toys anymore,and this is what I really want."

The next step was for him to convince me that it was ok for him to have it now-rather than wait for Christmas!  He opened the tower case and the RAM (the stuff he bought), and after sweating it out for a while, he finally got me to say ok.

When he opened the box, this is what he saw...
How cool is that?!? We both cracked up when we saw it! Then tonight after dinner we were both sitting on the couch. He was watching TV and I was scouring Ebay for a cheap, ugly Christmas sweater for Kevin's work party's ugly sweater contest.

I came across this picture first...we both cracked up! 

Photo from STL_Vintage on Ebay.

Then a couple more popped up as I scrolled through, and I just had to check out this seller's other items. Some of their poses are hilarious! I bet these guys had a blast making the pictures for their listings! They sure entertained us!

I know, it's silly, but it was funny to see someone actually posing in the item for sale and not just a picture of it hanging on a hanger or laying on a table. I think they are so weird that you can't not look at them! You don't want to look at them, but you can't stop yourself! 

I really want a cheap, cheap, cheap sweater otherwise, I probably would have bought one of theirs just for their creativity! I didn't go through all of their pictures, just a few was enough for a couple of chuckles. I guess I'll try S.A. again tomorrow-they didn't have any yesterday-wish me luck! I need to find something by the 17th!!


  1. Get to your nearest Goodwill (or other thrift store) for that ugly sweater. Our local Goodwill has a carousel of sweaters - the majority of which are U-G-L-Y! You'll have yourself a good laugh looking through them!

  2. Your comment about posing in your item reminds me of the guy selling his ex-wife's wedding dress on Ebay a few years ago -- he posed in it himself! TOO FUNNY and totally true!