Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

I found one!!! I feel like I need to pinch myself-I am just tickled pink!!! It is exactly what I wanted, in excellent shape-the only thing that could have been better would have been if it was a little cheaper.  I've been smiling ever since I was taking it apart and putting it in the box at the mall!

The story gets even better (pinch, pinch, pinch)!!! Last night I got an email from Mary Lou, a blog friend just west of where I live. She wanted to let me know that her friend has a 6' aluminum tree for sale, and would I be interested! It was too late to call last night, and too early to call before work (I start at 7am), so I called her friend after work.

It sounds really amazing! It used to belong to her grandparents! I LOVE that!!! One of my coworkers lives in the area where Mary Lou's friend lives and has offered to pick it up for me-how cool is that?!?  Now I will have a 4' tree in the dining room on the buffet, and what do you think about the new big one right in the middle of the sun room? So you can look at the the vintage-y awesomeness from every side?

Somebody pinch me! I must be dreaming!! Thanks so much Mary Lou for thinking of me! You're awesome!!


  1. OMG so jealous! I've been searching for an aluminum tree for years and now you have TWO. Can't wait to see pictures of the other tree all decorated.

  2. The second one sounds wonderful and the first one looks great! I'm really excited that you'll have 2(!) of them!

  3. Yeah for you. One of those remains on my list of junque to find! Shiny and bright! Enjoy!

  4. Hi there, I'm popping in from Linda's over at A La Carte. I saw the little tree from her side bar and thought I'd go take a look-see. These trees bring back memories for me. They are neat. Do you have a color wheel for the big tree? These are 60's. Love it!~Ames

  5. Very sweet tree on your buffet! It's great when things work out!

  6. Happy Day - love your posts, they always have such great surprises.