Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Have We Been Doing?

We've been really busy the last few weeks, trying to get the built-in cabinets for the sun room done in time for the big party for Kevin's co-workers (yikes!). I feel like I could stain and polyurethane in my sleep now!

Kevin thought he would be helpful and stain the second cabinet for me before he put all of the pieces together...unfortunately, he has a heavier hand with the stain and his cabinet came out darker. Fortunately, I have LOTS of vintage goodness to fill the shelves with that hopefully no one will notice!!

 This is the one I stained...

This is the one he stained-in the pictures they look pretty close...

Today he got the crown molding in place, and the trim along the bottom-so we're almost to the finish line!! We just need to get some glass for the outside doors, and hang the doors. I think once they are all done, things will seem a lot less stressful. Having an air compressor and tools, and saw dust all over doesn't make it very easy to clean!

We've been playing volleyball as a family on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and I've been playing in a women's league on Wednesdays (we're in second place!), but everything is winding down now for a couple of weeks. We're going to have so much time on our hands we won't know what to do with ourselves!!

We're both off for the week between Christmas and New Year's -staying home while the boys and their friends go up to my parents-looking forward to a clean, quiet house for a few days!

Today I got to go shopping and wrap presents and got paid for it!! The church I work at does Angel Tree ministry, and this year there was a glitch and 22 names for clothes and toys didn't get to us until yesterday! So, since my work was pretty caught up, I got to go shopping with a coworker. We only had to buy the clothes and gift bags, but we had to sort and wrap clothes and toys. It was so much fun!!! We were done with everything by 2:00.

Then once I got home, I had to go grocery shopping for my family-I'd much rather shop for presents for other people than grocery shop-that's for sure! Now that it's all put away, I get to put my feet up and enjoy some relaxing time-Adam is making dinner! Pretty cool! He's making shrimp scampi and linguini from scratch. We used to play "Emeril" when he and Eric were growing up and they got to cook a lot, but it's a rare treat when either one of them actually wants to plan, shop for and cook dinner!!!

Tomorrow is cookie baking day! Hope you're having a great week!!

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  1. Such a wonderful amount of storage in your new shelves/cupboards. You've had a busy good day. Thanks for posting.