Saturday, December 10, 2011

Skipping chores to go to sales...maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all!

Yesterday I had a date with Adam's best friend's new wife to bake Christmas cookies all day, except she cancelled late Thursday night. She is pregnant (about 14-15 weeks) and is borderline preeclampsia  and because of the high blood pressure, she's been having horrible headaches. Please keep her in your prayers, she is very scared.

Since she cancelled, I decided to try a couple of estate sales. One was in an area known for big expensive homes, but their ad made it sound like there might be some of my kind of junk and I was hoping it might be reasonable...HA! As soon as I walked in and the house was decorated for Christmas and they made me put booties on over my shoes, I should have just turned around and ran back to my car!

The next couple of sales were not really worth the drive either-I got a couple of things, but I am wondering if I might have been better off staying home and baking the cookies!!!

Today there was a sale in Ann Arbor with LOTS of vintage quilts and linens in the photos, so I decided to take a chance and check it out (instead of making cookies and cleaning, and catching up on the week's laundry). I was #29. It was 15 degrees. It was a tiny house. Only 15 in at a time. It was PACKED with stuff. It was by a company who's sales I've shopped many times and they have great prices, but they haven't had any sales with my type of stuff for many months. so, you see, I HAD to go-right?!?

I parked across the street, near a sign that said "No parking M-F 8am-6pm -2hour limit". I figured -"Cool! It's Saturday and I'm not going to be here for 2 hours-I'm good!" I got my goodies, and got out the door and was congratulating myself on my decision to skip my chores to go to this sale as I was driving toward the expressway.

As I picked up speed on the on ramp, I noticed something starting to flap under my wiper....oh noooooo! Yes....I got a parking ticket! How do you get a ticket on a Saturday, when it states M-F? The ticket says it was a no parking at any time zone. Now my deals don't look so good-with the extra $25 I'm going to have to spend to pay the ticket!!

I wonder if the other 12 cars parked in front of and behind me also got tickets? Or maybe my dirty car just stood out (since I live on a dirt road my car is always more dirty or muddy than clean) in the city?

I went on Zillow and looked at a street level view of the street I was on, and found the parking sign...maybe I read it wrong...there are two signs together the top one is the red "P" with a slash the one under says M-F 8am-6pm in green letters...does that mean it is OK to park M-F 8am-6pm? Sigh! What a bummer way to end a fun sale and cast gloom on some good finds!!

Here is what I found yesterday and today...
Seven full aprons, two half aprons, a pink chenille bedspread, 4 vintage tablecloths(one looks to be mint), vintage Christmas curtains with valance, a Christmas card holder, a lingerie box, a folding wooden bed tray, a vintage blue Fiesta covered casserole (mint!) a Little Black Sambo syrup pitcher a Fiesta go-along shaker, an ice crusher, a chichi's chip tin and a wooden bird cage! Whew!

Even with the parking ticket, I still got some great deals. If I was to add the price of the ticket to the casserole, it still would be worth over 4 times what I paid for it.

As I was downloading pictures, someone came in through the sun room and slammed the door-and CRASH! My little red (mint) Pyrex fridgie bit the dust! Now to vacuum it up and get busy with laundry, housework and baking the cookies-not really in the mood now...

It keeps on getting better...just cut my finger picking up the big pieces that the shop vac couldn't get...yep---shoulda stayed home!


  1. There is always time to bake and clean, but sales are only at the set the folding bed tray

  2. you should include a picture of the sign with your ticket ... so sorry about your pyrex bowl. I have a white square metal bird cage that I hang on the porch for a candle holder, note to self ... take a picture of it one of these days.

    Merry Christmas, less calories in shopping than cookies, lol.

  3. Oh dear sorry about the ticket and the cut finger - at least you got some stuff to counterbalance it all!

  4. That parking sign sounds VERY confusing. Ouch on the Pyrex - both your hand and the fact that it bit the dust! Great finds there. I hope your friends blood pressure comes down.

  5. What an ordeal! I'm pretty much over standing in line at estate sales now because of the weather. It looks like it was worth it for you, though, even with the parking ticket!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

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