Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Fun Day Exploring!

Since the boys are both still house sitting for my friend, and Kevin had to work, I decided to head out to wander and explore some antique shops and thrift stores that I haven't been to for a couple of years. It was AWESOME! I enjoyed it so much, I am thinking I will go in the opposite direction tomorrow!

It was a gloomy, rain/snow mix.

My first stop was at the Antique Warehouse in Saginaw. I try to get to this place once a year, but I think it's been 2 since the last time I was there. It wasn't crowded at all, so it was nice to wander around aimlessly. Some of the dealers were having sales, so I picked up a couple of things at amazing prices.

 I remember having this set when I was little! I didn't buy it, but it brought a smile to my face.

I've never seen a refrigerator dish this big in green before! I didn't buy it, but it was great to see it.

 I did buy this-needs a lid, but I've never seen this color in this size, and the price was awesome!

This vintage Fiesta Sugar dish was half off-the flash makes it look like there are chips, but there aren't any.

My next stop was Americana Antiques on Water Street in Bay City. I wasn't even in the store more than 10 feet when I found one of the newest things on my wish list-and it was half off!!!

$12.50 and it works!

There are a lot of great booths in this little mall!
 My heart skipped a beat when I saw all of this vintage Fiesta -too bad it was too much for my wallet!

 Aren't these shoes cool!?!?

I LOVE this cabinet!! Too bad my house is too small for any more cabinets! 

I drove about a block (it was rain mixed with snow and very wet out) and ended up at Bay Antique Center. This place is HUGE! It was pretty empty too, so it was nice to just wander and not worry about being in anyone's way or having someone else in my way.

 Too bad my budget is too tiny for this! This has been on my all time wishlist forever. I'd have to find it in the double digits, because I'd never be able to sleep if I spent that much!

 I liked this tree skirt, but it it wasn't exactly what I was looking for-so I passed on it.

 This is the ceiling in the basement! Isn't it AWESOME!?!?!

This is the Tree of Life Pyrex casserole-my only purchase from Bay Antiques.

After Bay Antiques, I tried to find a thrift store that I found out didn't exist any more, then I headed toward an antique shop that I think has been in business most of my life (R & J Needful Things-in Flushing)...but when I got there, I saw a big FOR SALE sign on the building, and a note on the door saying they were sorry but they were closing forever on November 30, 2011!!! That was a total shock! It was a really big antique mall! When I think back though, there were never any shoppers whenever I stopped and their prices were kind of high. I don't think I ever bought anything there in all the years that I've wandered through. 

I stopped at a couple of thrift stores in Fenton that I usually have good luck at. Didn't find anything at the first one, but I got a couple of plain red felt Christmas tree skirts and this pitcher at the second.

Since I was in Fenton, I thought I'd stop at another shop that wasn't really my favorite, but other people have said how much they like it.
They had an awesome set of 4 pink vintage Pyrex mixing bowls for only $60! I've seen them go for around $100-$225 on Ebay. Everything else that caught my eye was way above my price range. It was pretty busy inside, so I was glad to see that-especially since Needful Things was gone.

I stopped at my local Salvation Army since I had to drive past it on my way home and found a few more good deals.

 Funky napkin holder!

 A set of 4 glasses-I didn't get them out of the box yet.

 A Pyrex refrigerator dish-it's the larger rectangle size.

These are 4 curtain panels. There are a lot of possibilities with this much material! I'll let you know what I decide to make with them!

Tomorrow I'm going to my last estate sale of 2011 and a couple of my other favorite antique malls, to the south. Hopefully I'll have some fun adventures to share tomorrow night-and hopefully the weather will be better for driving!

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  1. Great finds! Looks like so much fun. They Pyrex is gorgeous and the blue Fiesta sugar dish is lovely.