Monday, December 26, 2011

A Week off and nothing to do! YAYYY!

I've got this week off from work and I am so excited to catch up on some reading, some inventory spreadsheets for the booth, and I hope to visit a couple of antique shops that I love, but haven't had time to visit in a long time. The house got a thorough cleaning (cupboards, drawers, closets, etc.) for the party, so that's not hanging over my head.

We had a quick nice Christmas with my parents on Sunday and a quick extended family gathering of all of my cousins and uncles on my Dad's side on Saturday. We'll be getting together with Kevin's siblings and their kids this Friday-so for the next three days, I am going exploring!! I'll be sure to bring along my camera, so you can see what I saw!

Since I am almost done with my Fiesta and Pyrex collections, I am thinking about what my new wishlist will look like for 2012... I think the biggest thing I'll be searching for is a Grandmother's Garden quilt. I saw one late this summer at a garage sale and the seller changed her mind just as I was going to buy it-so I didn't get it. I just loved all of the bright colors-it kind of reminded me of my Fiesta and Pyrex.

I'd also LOVE to find a vintage color wheel for my aluminum Christmas tree! Other than those two things, I don't know that I'll be searching for anything for me any more, but I will still be searching for stuff for the booth. Can you believe that in just 36 days it will have been a year since I became a booth renter in an antiques and collectibles mall!?!? That time just flew by!

While it has been a lot of fun, it has also been a lot of work! The hardest thing I've dealt with (and I don't know why it even bothers me) is when I see other dealers buying my stuff and then marking it up and putting it for sale themselves. Why wouldn't they tell me that I goofed and priced something too low?

Kevin tells me to get over it. I know I need to get over it. I don't have anything to complain about, because I make a profit on the things I sell, and I don't try to grab the highest amount possible when I resell. If it came to me as a good deal, I pass that on to the customers. I should just think of the other dealers as "customers" and be glad that I sold something.

Looking forward to catching up on your blogs and to my adventures tomorrow!

Hope you had a wonderful time this Christmas with your family and friends!

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  1. your husband is not listen to them! Why do they think if it is priced too low, then why did it not already sell? As long as your making a profit, go along with it.

    Have fun!