Friday, December 16, 2011

A Quick Fix...

Our antique dining chairs with cane seats have seen better days. With two moose boys in our house and Kevin's friend all putting a knee through them here and there, they look really bad! We still use them, just ignoring the obvious-they need to be re-caned!!

With the big party coming up tomorrow, and no time to learn to cane, and no extra money to have someone do them, I remembered that we used to use some purple chair pads (in case you don't remember, everything was purple at one point in our house) and I kept them.

Kevin found them in the basement and brought them up and tied them on the chairs...they are so worn, ugly, stained and nasty there is no way we can use them for the party! Some of them only have one set of ties to tie them to the chair.

I got an idea to cover them to match the Santa hats I picked up for the backs of the chairs at the dollar store. I went to Joann and they had fleece on sale for 50% off, and I had a 40% off coupon...then I got busy cutting and tying.

Nothing fancy, but it sure beats the yucky purple chair pads!! I thought about just buying all new pads, but this was cheaper than buying one!

What do you gentle...I'm not a crafty person...


  1. Great idea! They say 'necessity is the mother of invention', but I think that should be changed to 'desperation is...'. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow night. I'll be praying!