Friday, December 23, 2011

No sales lately...

I haven't been to any sales, or shops this week-other than my booth to fluff and add in some stuff and vacuum. So I don't have any wonderful vintage treasures to share. I can't believe how fast this week has gone! We've been laying low and quiet this week- recovering from all the work we did for the party last Saturday-it's been so nice!

We did have to run out and shop for one big appliance that died-Saturday of all days-our washing machine. We shopped several places and they all said we couldn't get it until December 29 or January 3 and their prices were all the same. Then on our last stop, we found a place that we could get it within 2 days, and it was about $300 cheaper-and they offered 12 months same as cash!!

We got it yesterday and it looks amazing! It sounds like a jet engine taking off when it starts up and really spins the clothes dry! It tis so not the season to be buying appliances though!! We decided to not buy the dryer right now because it is still working-even though it is 10 years old too. They don't match at all, and it looks kind of like a Rolls Royce parked next to an Escort-but for now it's working, and hopefully by the time the dryer dies, we will have given our gasping bank accounts time to recover!


  1. Your washer is very nice. And, I feel your pain. Our refrigerator started dying on the 22nd. We bought a new one on the 23rd with delivery on the 24th. But, it didn't fit in the space. Went back today to re-order. It's a never a good time to have an appliance breakdown, but the holidays are tough.

  2. You are not going to believe this- my washing machine died yesterday! First the refrig, now this. We shopped immediately after the breakdown, and had delivery of a new washer/dryer set today. Been doing laundry all day. Again, I feel your pain!