Thursday, December 15, 2011


I've been baking up a storm trying to get all of the cookie request filled for our family. I haven't gotten to the chocolate dipped pretzels or the caramel corn yet-maybe that will come next week, and then again maybe not!
 Peanut butter blossoms-they went a little flat because I used a scoop instead of rolling each one into a ball, but they taste the same-so no one minds how they look!

 Cut-outs-just waiting for some frosting and sprinkles!

 Snowballs-my dad's mother's recipe-She's died on Christmas Day 27 years ago-these were my favorites of all the cookies she made every Christmas. I miss her! She never got to meet my boys!

 These are something new I tried. Store bought sugar cookie dough wrapped around a mini snickers bar. In the pictures online-they look like a ball-mine went a little flat (seems to be a repeating theme here doesn't it?!?)

 Usually I make buckeye balls, but this year I decided to try these peanut butter cups instead-they are a keeper! Much easier to make!

 Molasses cookies! The recipe for these comes from my parent's friend PJ-she plays volleyball with us on our co-ed league on Saturday nights.

 These are not usually covered in red and green sugar-usually it is white sugar. They are my mom's recipe called double treat cookies. A peanut butter cookie with peanuts and chocolate chips.

 These are super easy and fun to make! Almond Joy mini candy bars, with mini twist pretzels broken in half, mini marshmallows cut in half, a little black gel frosting and a mini red m & m.

 These were pretty easy too! Square pretzels with a rolo on top and heated in the oven til soft-then smooshed with a pecan.

These are Kevin's favorite-Magic 7 Layer bars. I hate to make them! That's why he only gets them once a year-aren't I a mean wife?!? They are miserable to get out of the pan, even if I line it first!

  Tomorrow I'll be making all the appetizers for Saturday.


  1. Oh, my! You have been busy and everything looks delish!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm loading up and coming to your house! Everything looks wonderful!

    Would love to get the peanut butter cup recipe. I tried to talk my mom out of making peanut butter balls but she wouldn't go for it. :). I hate having to dip each individual ball.