Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Auction Box Lot

Last week, Mr. got an email from a local auction business. We've attended a couple of auctions over the years from this company. He has attended more than I have, because they seem to specialize in tools, farm equipment and guy stuff-stuff that I have no interest in at all!

While he was looking through the pictures, he noticed some Fiesta and some glassware, so he emailed the link to me. It was for an online auction where bidding was open for 4 days. After the auction closed, they would automatically charge your credit card for the items you purchased/won, and they gave you one day from 9am-6pm  to go to the location to pick up your items.

Since it was local, I bid on 15 items. Not all of the items were for me, Mr. picked out a few things and my youngest picked out a couple of things. During the last day, I got email after email telling me I was outbid. I was fine with it, because I bid my highest bid on everything-which wasn't very high because I didn't "need" any of what I was bidding on. It just would have been nice to have won some of the Fiesta.

I was surprised that I won the box lot that I did win. I didn't bid very high at all. I kept waiting for the email telling me I was outbid, but it never came. I won. I paid less than a dollar each for everything in the box lot. It was a box full of criss cross items-refrigerator dishes, mixing bowls, cereal size bowls, a relish tray a cobalt small refrigerator dish and a couple of extra lids and a one pound butter dish lid.

Today was the one day to pick everything up. It was also the day that a major storm rolled through as I was leaving work. The pick up location was only 11 miles from my work. I thought it was going to be further away because the address was Holly-so I was expecting a really long drive in a serious downpour. I was beyond thrilled when my GPS showed it was only 11 miles away!!

This is what I got...(sorry about the super dark, super grainy cell phone photo)

I hope they do more of these online auctions!! It was great fun and I didn't have to give up a whole day for only one thing (or nothing).

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