Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Last Saturday we had a mini family reunion for my Dad's side of the family. Over half of the family couldn't make it. They were out of town for a special weekend at the Miss I Can Do it Pageant, and my mom couldn't come because she was doing respite care at her house on Saturday. I think there were only 12 or so of us, but we still got together because it was the only day that family from Texas were going to be in town and available.

My Dad's oldest brother planned the whole thing. We met in Bay City, since it was close for my Dad (from the U.P.), my uncle (from Canadian Lakes) and the Texas family's final destination was around Caseville.

My uncle rented a bunkhouse, and the very kind, generous and gracious owners allowed us to use their backyard (of their own personal house) and their pavilion and pond for our get-together. They own two houses side by side and rent them and their own private house is right next door.

My uncle has stayed at their bunk house a few times when he was in the area for fishing, so he's gotten to know them quite well. My Dad came down a day early and they fished on Friday and had their limit of walleye in less than three hours!

The owners had a loaf of fresh-baked homemade bread and fresh butter waiting for them when they got there on Friday. I think my uncle will be a bunkhouse renter for as long as he is able from them. I would recommend their place to anyone, who needs a place to stay in that area. It's not fancy, it's homey, charming and very clean. I have no idea on the price, but I could always find out if anyone is interested.

 Three twin bunkbeds with a vintage couch and a couple of chairs make up the great room. So may interesting things to look at on the walls!! I loved the sled and wooden crate!!

 L o o k at that SINK!!! LOVE!!!

 Little cubby over the fridge-more vintage goodies.

 From the kitchen/eating area looking into the great room.

 The entryway/mud room.

 Look what was in the cupboards!!!

 They set up tables for us under their pavilion and put vintage tablecloths on them!!! I almost had a heart attack when the husband took a staple gun and whacked staples into the tablecloths to hold them to the tables!!!

 Lucy got to go with us, but we had to keep a really good eye on her. The owners have a cat that hates dogs, and it attacks dogs-even dogs 3-4 times bigger than itself. When we got there it was sneaking up on us as we were setting up. The owner came and locked it up in the barn, but it was kind of creepy how it stalked over to us. It was easily double Lucy's size too. I was worried it would find a way out the whole time we were there!

As soon as they cast their lines into the water, they had a fish! Even the turtles were jumping on the lines.

I think everyone had a great time catching up and relaxing. It was a gorgeous day for a picnic!!

After we got home, our power kept flickering and eventually went out until after 2:30 in the morning. Mr startled me and popped up out of bed when it came back on. He flipped on the main light in our room, and started setting his clock! He mumbled something when I complained, and me being half asleep, I didn't hear what he said. When I got up in the morning, I looked at his clock and he'd set it two hours too slow!!! He didn't even remember doing it-must have been sleep walking!

I overslept for church on Sunday, I woke up too late, and Mr was out for a run. So we ended up having a big breakfast, and heading out to Northville to the Buy Michigan Now Festival. It was interesting. Lots of vendors and lots of shoppers. It was fun to walk around and see what everyone was selling.

I stopped in a store called Salvaged-I love that store! I saw a child's tea set that would be a great go-along for Fiesta. I was tempted to buy it, but I'm trying to be more selective in what I get, and since it wasn't true Fiesta, I passed it up.

We stopped at Knightsbridge while we were in Northville. I saw LOTS of changes since the last time I was there. Lots of fun things to look at, but nothing that I couldn't live without. That's OK though, it is always fun to look!

I did see this awesome stove...
...but I left it there for someone else to buy. It reminded me of my grandparents trailer in the U.P. on the St. Mary's River. I have LOTS of great memories of spending vacations at that trailer when I was a kid. The kitchen had pink appliances and a pink sink. The bathroom had turquoise sink, toilet and tub. It was beyond awesome, and since it was a get-away place, it was all barely used and in excellent condition. I liked it back then when I was a kid, now...I LOVE to see it again-too bad it didn't stay in the family!

I have a busy month this month, at home and at work, no free evenings and no free weekends! All good things though. Friday Auntie and I are doing the Yard Sale Trail. It's her first time, so I hope we have good weather and find lots of fun things to see, and maybe find a treasure or two to bring back!

Anyone else doing the yard sale trail??

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  1. What a great stove!!! I think I could love the bunkhouse too. I'd feel like I was back in the era of my youth. Love it!