Sunday, August 10, 2014

One Last Adventure for This Weekend

Today was the day for the flea market at The Little Red Schoolhouse in Lansing. I've wanted to go for a while now, but never had the free time to go. I know I've been to a lot of sales this weekend and done a lot of driving, but there isn't much summer left, and I did finally have some extra free time.

The flea market is an O.K. flea market. It was much smaller than I expected. Definitely much smaller than the Mega Mall Flea Market, and a lot less vintage/antique sellers than at the Mega Mall Flea Market. There was only one booth with a lot of Pyrex. The booth across from it had two pieces and that was all I saw.

I got to wander through the store while Mr went across the street to visit Harbor Freight-he loves that store. The store was the most crowded I've ever seen. I'm glad! I really like shopping there, and I hope that lots of other people do too.

It was just a quick trip there and back. Now we are at home, getting ready to start some projects-details coming soon!

This is what I found today...
A light pink metal tissue box with decals, (the dealer didn't even totally remove the GW sticker from the top!), three pieces of opal Pyrex (unmarked white), and a gooseberry casserole with lid!

Here is a peek at the projects I've been working on today. They are no where near done, I've just run out of paint!

I didn't think I'd have enough of the turquoise to even get to the arms/legs, so I didn't prop it up. So, now I'm off to get more paint and some solar lights for the chandelier. I'm hoping to cut the loop off on the bottom, and plan to remove the electrical wires and light bulb holders.

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  1. Yay! You found some Gooseberry. And that clamshell chair is amazing! Great color choice :-)