Sunday, August 24, 2014

The week without thrifting or sales...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and kind comments and emails regarding my last post! Even if we don't have the same beliefs, or convictions, it's nice to be able to agree to disagree, yet still remain friendly!

This past week has been a busy one. Although, I really can't remember a time when we had a week that wasn't a busy one. Here it is Sunday evening, and the eve of a new week, with new adventures. There wasn't any time last week for treasure hunting, just a bunch of appointments, the worlds worst pedi on Thursday, and a wedding yesterday.

Today, after church, was catch-up day. Grocery shopping, a little yard work, a little housework, and a little float around the pool. I can't believe it's almost time to close it up for the winter!! Between the rain and the cool weather, we haven't used it much this year.

I also did a little rearranging to try to fit some lonely Pyrex pieces onto the shelves, and to give a repurposed lamp a new home. Were you able to do any thrifting this week? What kind of treasures did you bring home??

There was a local auction company hosting a online estate auction this week. Mr is on their email list, so he sent the link to me. I bid on 15 items, and every day I was getting outbid emails. I only had one lot that I was winning going into today, the last day. I thought for sure I'd be outbid because my bid was ridiculously low. I just found out I won! Now I have to drive to Holly on Tuesday after work to pick up my box lot!! I'll have pictures later this week.

We're hoping this week to be able to have outdoor sand volleyball at our house again, Tuesday evening. It has rained the past 4 Tuesdays, so it's been a while since we've seen everyone or played.

 A $1 garage sale lamp with a vintage cake dome for the shade.

 These pics are for are some more shots of the yellow bowl with the lid from a few posts is Pyrex.

 This is my HUGE Pyrex collection and vintage kitchenware collection. Most of this was originally bought to sell in my booth, but after cleaning it up, I wasn't able to part with it. For now, it's all in my vintage kitchenware foster care system. Some day, if I don't have daughters-in-law that like it, I will sell it, so someone else can enjoy it. For right now though, I love looking at it every day. Dusting it is not fun though! All of my fellow Pyrex collectors will "get" this picture and enjoy it too, everyone else, usually just raises their eyebrows and makes a small grimace because they can't understand the fascination with it. I can't really understand it myself-I just know what I like!

 I need to learn to "just say no" to Fiesta sauce boats! There is one more shelf of them in the five vintage colors. I do use them, at Thanksgiving and Christmas-just not all of them.

 This was the table decoration from the wedding yesterday.

These were sandwiched between two mailing labels, printed with our names and our table number, and they were waiting on the table in the entrance, when we arrived at the reception. phone battery died, and I couldn't get any more pics. Everything was very pretty, and it was a really fun reception. 

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