Saturday, August 9, 2014

Michigan's Yard Sale Trail 2014--Another Fun Day!!

Yesterday was such a whirlwind day!! It started at 7:30 in the morning when I met my friend and fellow treasure-seeker/junking buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage to go off on an adventure on Michigan's Yard Sale Trail. A long yard sale route that follows M-29 and M-25 along the St. Clair River and  Lake Huron coastlines of Michigan's thumb. 

The start of the trail is about an hour and fifteen minutes from our hometown, and since we haven't had much time to hang out this summer, we had LOTS of time to blab and catch up. Whenever we get together, we always jump back in right where we left off, and we never lack for things to talk about.

We literally shopped til we dropped! We finished in Port Sanilac, even though the sale goes much farther north, because we ran out of time and energy. I had a standing date with my Cousin and her son's girlfriend to finish up the tutus for our team for the Spina Bifida fundraiser walk that we are walking in next Saturday, so I had to get home. 

When we started, we were an hour and fifteen minutes from home, when we ended we were two hours from home, and we shopped on driveways and in fields for 8 hours-that's how many sales there are along the route, and we didn't hit everyone we saw, or go off of the main drag to other sales.

It was a LOT more crowded with shoppers this year than in previous years. I think the advertising on t.v. and social media really helped bring it to the attention of a lot of people. Even though there were a lot more shoppers, there was still plenty to look at and more than enough treasures for everyone to buy. 

This year there were several estate sales along the route too, something that I've not seen before, but was very excited to check out. The very first estate sale that we went to was a "make an offer, we gotta get rid of it, the estate sale was last week, this is what's left" kind of sale. I got a really neat refrigerator/leftover dish and two very filthy tiny red Pyrex dishes for $1.

I took Auntie to all of my favorite driveways and fields to shop and I think we both did really well. Since I don't have the booth anymore, I was just hunting for the fun of it and for things that I wanted for myself. Treasure hunting has a totally different feel to it when you aren't hunting for reselling-there is a huge weight of pressure off of your shoulders when it is a just for fun hunt.

For most of the day I was talking to Auntie about the museum and the Amish baked/canned goods booth that is on the grounds there and how much I love to buy their little turnover pies to eat on the way home. My mouth watered just thinking about them, I was anticipating munching on one at the end of our very long day (just like I do every year when I do this sale).

 Unfortunately we were there a couple of hours later than I usually get there and they were all out of pies. We had to settle for soft sugar cookies. We were both starving so we couldn't wait to try one. I've bought a LOT of Amish baked goods over the years and they have all been outstanding. I've never had a bad pie, cake, or cookie-I epecially LOVE their fry pies-YUM-those are the BEST!

This time was the exception...they were totally out of turnover pies, and the cookies we bought were really bad. I should have had a clue when the oatmeal cookies they were selling all had burned bottoms. I never dreamed sugar cookies could taste so bad. What a big let-down after bragging up the pies all day!

We raced home after all of our adventures so that I could get home in time to meet up with my cousin for the tutus. I got home and had exactly ten minutes to unload the car, do a loot shoot and put it all away before they got here! Whew!! 

We made tutus until around 11pm. That was a long, super fun day-I LOVED every minute of it!! Thanks Auntie and Marla and Sarilda for making it so much fun!!

Here are some shots of my day yesterday...

 My beautiful hydrangea

 Sun coming up over the trees

 Auntie, starting her stash

 Beautiful water...we saw 3 freighters go by while we were on the trail.

 The place where Auntie scored some AMAZING Pyrex!!! Might be the first Gooseberry that she's found ITW (in the wild).

 Estate sale #1

 This sale didn't have anything for me, but I was delighted to see two boxes of Optometrist testing lenses-reminded me of my days as an optician.

 I could get so used to this view-LOVE being on the water!

 You can see how close we were to the water while we were shopping.

 Auntie and her big floppy hats!

 There were so many cars driving by that I couldn't get a clear, car-free shot of this sale.

 The one antique shop we walked through. I go in every year, it's a fun break from all the driving.

 I almost didn't think we were at the right place when we got to this sale seemed so much bigger every other year that I've been to it.

 A shopper was driving this-I would LOVE to have a car like this!

 Part-way through the day.

 Look at what I saw for sale in someone's garage-how cool is that?!?

 This was in a little outbuilding on someone's property where there were several tents set up-little hobby antique shop I'm guessing. I took this pic to show the Mr so he can make the table top for my treadle base.

 I LOVE this!!!

 The end of the trip...

 Loot Shoot! I guess it was a tablecloth kind of day for me!

 These were in a box on the floor in the entryway of the house under some stuff. I saw the red and the shape and knew it was Pyrex, but they were really dirty. I took a chance because I got them both and the clear round refrigerator dish next to them for $1.

 Soap flake pitcher, Pyrex and Riviera shakers-oh my!

Soaking with dish soap and water over night-so glad I didn't let a little grime scare me off!!

So another successful yard sale trail, with lots of great memories, fun times, laughter, and great treasures-I can't wait for next year!!!


  1. I sold an icebox like the one in the garage one time. I didn't have room, but it sure is a great piece. Looks perfect. Wow! You did get a steal with that Pyrex! I haven't been to a great yard sale in I can't tell you when.

  2. I have done one sale like that and it was exhausting! Found lots of good stuff though so it was totally worth it.

    Gooseberry is getting to be pretty scarce in this area too. I think it's on its way to becoming a rare pattern. Hope you find some at a reasonable price soon!