Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mega Mall Flea Market

After church today, I went with Auntie to the Mega Mall Flea Market. We made a quick trip of it and zipped through all the booths and the store in record time. The place was PACKED again-and well worth the trip. LOTS of things to see and buy.

I found both of these in the store, and both of the booths that I found them in were having a sale, so I got a really good deal!

Auntie had this waiting in her car for me...

She bought it when we did the thumb sale, and when she got home,she realized she already had one-so I put my $4  in her cup holder and now I'm the lucky new owner!! Yay!!

Can you believe it Erica?? More gooseberry!!! Hope you find some soon!!


  1. I have 2 in red and want the yellow. Great fun!

  2. Always love seeing a good piece of Pyrex! Yellow isn't really my colour, but the yellow mixing bowl set... I kinda love.

  3. Yay! The best kind of friends are the ones that give Pyrex, especially pink Pyrex!


  4. WHo makes that first bowl? I love lidded bowls :D