Thursday, August 28, 2014

Too Good to Leave Behind!

After work today, I stopped at home and picked up my youngest and we took off to a couple of sales. One was an estate sale, that we ran into people that we know from church-no time for chit-chat, we were both on a mission to find treasures! I found a vintage nut chopper on a built-in shelf in the living room next to a fireplace. Odd place, but great price! It was filled with wooden BINGO chips-odd for a nut chopper-but the price was even better!

We wandered through the rest of the main floor and then the basement. There wasn't an over abundance of things in the house, and the basement was actually pretty sparse. It didn't look like too much was sold, it looked more like a small sale.

As we rounded the corner, my eyes riveted on a turquoise and black beauty! I quickly reached for my phone, but it wasn't in my pocket! I was charging it in the car while we were driving and I forgot to grab it. I tried to have my son email Auntie to see if she wanted it, but other people were starting to come down the stairs, so I grabbed it!

Very near mint-doesn't look to have ever been used!!

Then we went upstairs to the second floor and while we were up there, we came out on a little balcony of sorts and I looked down in the living room and saw something I totally walked passed on my earlier trip around the living room. We flew down the stairs, and when I got to it, I loved it, but not the price...the guy running the sale said he'd be making deals tomorrow since it was the last day. I'm not sure if I'm going back tomorrow or not. We'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

By the time we got back to the car I was able to send the picture from my phone to Auntie's phone and she wants both things I picked up!! I felt like a picker!! I LOVED it! The prices were too good to leave them behind, and I knew if she didn't want them, that I'd have no problem selling them for more than I paid for them.

So, I got to go on the hunt, my favorite part, and find some fun treasures, and I don't have to worry about displaying and selling them.

I saw this on the way home from my cousin's house tonight...

It was a great night for it-very calm and great temperatures. I'd love to take a balloon ride sometime. My dad bought my mom and her friend a ride when I was a kid, and the balloon took off from our front yard!

I see there is a big Antique Spectacular in Louisville, Ky this weekend...are you going?? I'd LOVE to go, but I can't justify a 6 hour drive there and back just for treasure hunting-especially with Midland coming up soon. If you go, please take lots of pictures and post them-I'd love to see them!!!


  1. What a cool roaster. I have never seen one like this before. Is it a new one?

  2. That roaster is amazing and in the perfect colors for my kitchen! I'm on the hunt now...