Sunday, August 10, 2014

Free is GREAT!

Last Monday, a house that is directly across from where I work (driveways are exactly across from each other) had a pile of stuff outside with giant FREE signs on it. I was leaving for lunch with my youngest, and saw the stuff and wanted to stop, but I let him talk me out of it.

We went to lunch and came back and a lot of it was gone, but I had to be in a meeting right away so I couldn't go check it out. After the meeting, I talked two friends into going with me to help carry some chairs that I could see were still there.

I'm thrilled! The three wooden chairs will get a good coat of spray paint and poly and will be stored in the barn until next spring when they will be filled with enamel pots and flowers. The steel chair is going to get sprayed either bright turquoise with white arms/legs or bright red with white arms/legs.

Later in the week, I remembered a friend had posted on facebook that he was thinning out his perennials and was asking if anyone wanted some. So, I contacted him and set it up to go to his house on Saturday to dig some up. Mr knows this friend as well as I do, because we play volleyball with him, so he went by himself to dig up the plants.

He was gone for almost 2 hours! I kept wondering if he was wandering around Home Depot or something. I couldn't believe it took so long. When he got home he said the ornamental grass took forever to dig out and that took the majority of the time he was there.

This is what my car looked like when Mr got home...

We had our work cut out for us! I never in a million years expected this much stuff!! I sent him a text to thank him and he texted back that whenever he introduces Mr to anyone, hes going to say they fought in The Fountain Grass War together. I guess it was a real battle to dig out the grass-get it?

 As you can see, this front flowerbed has gotten away from us. We pulled out some big bushes and couldn't decide what we wanted to do, and before we knew looked terrible! Weeds had totally taken over, and the worst part is that it is on the front side of the house and anyone that comes to our front door, had to walk past this to get to the door!

 We got busy and cleared it all out.

Then planted in all of our free treasures! We are going to put in some mulch, but that is a project for another day. We finished this job up really fast and took off for the Heritage Trail Yard Sale!

90% of our plants in our flower beds are from other people. I love it that way!! Every time I see the plants, I think of the person, and try to remember to pray for them when I think of them. Some of my friends or relatives that I've gotten plants from have passed away, so looking at and caring for their plants warms my heart as I think of them.

We had enough plants to put some in three other beds besides this front spot-now to keep them watered and hope they all make it!!!


  1. LOve the blue chair! Yes, I would have backed my car right up and it would have been all mine!

  2. Free is awesome and so is sharing plants! I've loved to give away plants and seeds. I haven't received as many but just like you I'm reminded of the person who gave it to me. That is a good reminder to pray for them, thanks for that.

  3. LOL! My hubby went to dig up ferns and it took him a very long time and he came home with 5 little plants! I hope they make it. Your new grass has the perfect spot. Nice chairs!