Friday, August 29, 2014

Last few summer sales...

This morning I talked my youngest into another day of treasure hunting with mom...and lunch at a new to us restaurant-Chipotle. I didn't have to talk too much, or try to hard, even though it was 8am, hearing the words free food, was what sealed the deal.

We went to a few garage sales, and a couple of estate sales. The first few sales didn't have anything like what their ads promised, or if they did, the items were way too expensive, or way too nasty and worn out, and in one case, things were nasty, worn out and ridiculously expensive!

One of the estate sales was a digger sale in a tiny little house. We got to the sale an hour after it started and there was still a line on the sidewalk. As we were standing in line, I saw a couple of Jadeite bowls on a table in the front window. I told Eric that I was going to check those out first thing. As soon as I told him, I saw a woman pick them up and walk away with them, but just as quickly, she brought them back, so that made me think they were either damaged or way too expensive.

As soon as we got in, I went over and grabbed them. They were priced really low, and the price was for the pair. They weren't damaged-just very dirty. It looked like baked-on grease and pancake batter. I took off in search of tablecloths, and got stuck in the basement looking through piles and piles of junk. By the time I got upstairs to the bedrooms, someone else had picked up a pile of great-looking tablecloths, boy was I bummed!!!

We made a quick stop at Trader Joe's, and then lunch at Chipotle. The food was awesome, but the staff working the counter must have all been new. It was really disorganized, and no one (except the guy running the cash register) seemed to know what was going on. There wasn't very many people when we arrived, but when we left, the line was out the door!!

After I brought Eric home, so he could go to work, I remembered about the sale I went to yesterday and the awesome vintage bread box that I was hoping to get at half-price today. Unfortunately, I remembered it about half an hour before they were scheduled to close! I still went, but I'm sure you already know, I missed it. It just gives me something else to look for!

I spent the rest of the day spraying old things to give them new life. I also sprayed the rest of the solar lights, and got a good start on the bowling ball lady bugs. I think that was a good start to the last weekend of summer!

Side note---The roasting pan from yesterday seems to be vintage. I found a couple online and their descriptions said it was from the 1950's. I'm glad I picked it up-the price I got it for seems to be a fantastic price!

This is what we saw/did/picked up today, and what I've been working on since I've been home. I'm not sure if I'm going to go to any sales tomorrow, are you??

Finally!! My Rose of Sharon bushes are blooming!!! Everyone else's have been blooming for over a month already!! Mine are always the last to bloom.

Hope you have a great weekend and a great end to the summer!!!


  1. No sales for me this weekend. I went to one on Thursday that was awesome so I'm happy with that. Lots to do around here before school starts next week!

    Love the Jadeite and am so happy it came home with you :-)


  2. Love the green fire king and the red together. So vintage. I also love the fan and the metal napkin holder or magazine holder??? I love that 50's look or is it 40's?