Friday, August 15, 2014

Michigan Weather at its Best!

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day! I can't think of a thing that could make it any better weather-wise. I could be very happy and content if it was this lovely all year round! Not too hot, not too chilly, bright sunshine, big puffy white clouds, low humidity, blue skies and right around 70 degrees-LOVING it!!!

My youngest stepped on a nail at work the other day and it went right through his shoe. His shoes were pretty worn out anyway, so we took off this morning to go to our favorite shoe store. It just happens to be about a half hour away. It's not anything special, most towns have a Famous Footwear, but this one carries extended sizes. When you are looking for a size 15, you're willing to drive a little bit so you have a good selection and the shoes can be tried on. It also helps that there is a Sonic just a few miles down the road!

We left earlier than we needed to so that we could hit a few garage sales on the way. He is going to school to be an elementary teacher and some of his classes require him to purchase kids books and read them. He then has them for his own personal library for when he gets a teaching job. So he was on the look-out for gently used kids books. He's hoping to be a 5th grade teacher, so we were looking for chapter books.

We only bought 4 at a church rummage sale for a quarter each. The other sales we stopped at wanted between $1 and $15 for each book. We stopped at quite a few places, and had a fun day together. We got him some shoes, but they have to be shipped to our house. He found a style he wanted but they didn't have his size in the color he wanted. I got a pair too. They are having a sale right now BOGO 1/2 off plus if you have a rewards card, you get another 20% off. It turned out to be a really good deal!

Lunch at Sonic was great! We were (or should I say I was) very excited to see that the banana cream pie shake is back!!! YUM!!! If you haven't tried one, you have to find a Sonic and try one-they are amazing!!! After the tetnus shot yesterday and antibiotics he has to take, Eric wasn't feeling so great, but the shake perked him right up!

We finished up at the grocery store buying ingredients to make some giant subs and mini cheesecake cups for tomorrow for our picnic after the Spina Bifida fundraiser walk, and some essentials for a care package for my oldest son's friend who is heading back to college on Sunday.

We didn't find any great treasures...just some fun times and few things we couldn't live without.

 Brand new, only used once giant cooler! I got it for less than half of what I was about to pay for one in the store! We've had one for 16 years, and it survived a trip to Alaska, and all over Michigan, the hinges finally broke, so I'm very happy to have a new one-especially at such a low price!

 The wreath on the wall is a holder for Christmas cards. I'm thinking of a project to do with it. I'll let you know when I do it. Starting a new Pyrex bowl set-on the look-out for the other three!

 Plates I bought for a friend.

This will look great outside Mr's barn.

How about you? Did you get out to any sales today? Hope you have a great weekend! I'm VERY excited for the walk tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing family and hanging out together!

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  1. I just had to replace our cooler that is exactly like the one you found. We had ours for around the same amount of time. Wish I had found a deal like you did!

    You seem to be having some pretty good luck with the Gooseberry pattern lately. Hopefully some rubs off on me.