Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brrr...Windburned Cheeks, a Few Good Finds, Sparkling Cherries and a Sale Filming for HGTV!

Yesterday my friend Auntie (because her original blog is called "Thoughts from the Chicken's Auntie"...check out her new blog!) and I left before the sunrise to go to the east side of the state for an impressive list of 8 estate sales! Can you believe 8 estate sales in January-in Michigan?!? All within a 23 mile radius of each other-too bad they were over an hour from our hometown!

The first sale was at the home of a former Chrysler executive. When we got there, it was single digit temperatures with a 15 mile an hour wind. We waited outside for about a half an hour. My cheeks are still red and sting a little bit today from getting windburned!

The company hosting the sale pretty much just piled the junk stuff wherever. It was almost like an episode of hoarders-there was so much stuff! They only priced a small amount of stuff, and the rest of it was up for interpretation (meaning they look you over, they look the item over, and they set a price based on what you look like you mind spend on it.). My least favorite way to shop sales!

I picked up a few things, and when I went to pay and was told the prices, I said a few times, "no thanks-I don't want it that bad". The owner/cashier then came back with lower prices and I ended up with everything I carried to the check out-and at prices I was willing to pay. Hopefully other shoppers didn't just accept the Interpreted prices! I hope they dickered a little bit!

For some reason, I've been drawn to vintage thermoses ( I picked up 5 at the first sale yesterday!). I think that it's Shara at Monekybox's fault-LOL! I saw a photo of her thermos collection and ever since, I've kind of been drawn to them!

I also got a bright green Glasbake jumbo mug and a red Carlton cake saver/carrier, and a few hankies with crocheted edges-sorry...I already got them cleaned up, priced and packed in the bin to go-otherwise I'd show you the pictures!

The next sale we went to was just 5 miles from the first one, and it was in an old mini-mansion. It had really high ceilings with crown molding, dressing rooms, servants quarters, a grand oak staircase with 3 levels. A servant's staircase to the second floor and third floor as well as to the basement. It was a gorgeous house-I'm bummed that I forgot my phone in the car-otherwise I'd show you!

After the cramped, hoarder quarters at the first sale, this sale was wide open, very well organized everything was priced and clean-and best of all...there were LOTS of workers. Even the check out line went really fast! I will definitely be interested when I see sales come up from this company!

At the mini-mansion, I got a pair of adorable little red leather baby shoes all scuffed up, a glass punch ladle, a yellow Pyrex loaf pan and a Kate Spade purse (looks like new-for me!). Everything but the purse is the same place the other stuff ended up. I'll take pictures of the booth once it is all set up and I'll try to remember to show you what I bought.

Here's the purse...I thought it was something fun and whimsical for a cold, dreary, winter day!

 After that we went to some other unremarkable sales and then to a sale where they were filming for HGTV. I've seen ads for a few months for sales that say they are filming for HGTV, but from the pictures on, I haven't seen anything worth the trip to one of those sales. This time, since we were in the area, we decided to stop and check it out.

They were filming for the show "Cash and Cari". We both really didn't want to be on camera, so we were glad to be able to sneak in behind the cameraman while he was filming Cari at the checkout table, but a few minutes later, he caught up to us and another woman in the kitchen. As soon as I saw him, I turned away and tried to squeeze past him and out of the kitchen. Unfortunately, I didn't see the giant black camera equipment box on the floor and smashed my shin into it and now have a scrape and bruise as a souvenir of my time at the estate sale filming for HGTV!

We ran out of time and weren't able to shop the last two sales on the list, but that was OK, by me. I had a lot of wrapping and packing waiting for me at home. I have about 90% of my stuff for the booth priced and now 90% of that is wrapped and in bins ready to go!

The new stuff from yesterday is cleaned, priced and all tucked into the last bin. All that is left is to paint the display shelves (Auntie has offered to do this, because I hate to paint!), load the stuff into Kevin's truck and my car and head out to the mall on the first! That and hope that I didn't price my stuff too high, and that it's stuff other people would want to buy!


  1. Now that's funny - I was just reading along, and BAM I see my name. ha. Sorry to contribute to the Thermos love thing. But, they are cool, aren't they????? From what I have seen on Cash & Cari - I bet the prices were sky high at that sale. Good luck with your Booth - I need to get mine straightened up in the next few days too.

  2. The thermoses are really cool! I would have never given them a second thought if I hadn't seen your picture!
    The prices were really high at the Cash & Cari sale-plus there wasn't anything different than what you see at every other estate sale!

  3. I love thermoses. They line my deck (when the wind's not blowing them over!) Looks like a great flea market. Zootsuitmama