Thursday, January 13, 2011

Estate Sale Thursday...

I've been working so many hours the past couple of weeks, just trying to keep everything moving and on track, that I got to leave early today! Things have been kind of stressful at work the past 5 months. We have 2 new directors in our area and a new intern, so there has been a LOT of extra work, and now our intern has moved on and we are in the process of hiring a third director. I'm thinking another new person means more stress and more work...that's why when the weekend comes and estate sale time comes....ahhhhh-rejuvenation!

Since Kevin was off today, he agreed to go with me to a sale in Detroit. From the pictures, it looked like it was packed full of stuff! Boy, was it a longggggg drive! It was a really dirty house with really dirty stuff, but I was able to find a few gems amongst the dirt and dust.

An Anchor Hocking Savannah covered oval casserole-new in the box and a vintage tablecloth! I've been collecting Savannah for several years-I just love the pattern, and I have a hard time passing it up.

As we were leaving, I noticed that Auntie called, so I called her back and she told me of another good sale on the way home in Beverly Hills...or Franklin if you wanted the GPS to pick up the address, so as she shared the address, I was relaying it to Kevin to type into the GPS while I drove. He decided to wait for me in the car this time.
I had only been inside for about 5 minutes when he came in and said, "We have to go-the well drilling company is going to be at our house at 3:00!" We've been having a stinky water/low pressure issue for a few months and after doing everything we could possibly do to fix it and getting it tested for safety, I finally whined complained begged enough for him to contact a well drilling company to look in to it. So, 2 1/2 hours later-it's all fixed and we have wonderful pressure and best of all-no more sulfur water!!!

I did good in my 5 minutes...this is what I got at the second sale...

I got the 3 larger boxes of bulbs at the first sale, a couple of really badly stained tablecloths (one is already Biz-ily soaking-these are the "before" shots-I'll show you the stain free pictures (hopefully---these are probably the worst I've ever bought) in a few days. Another thermos and a couple of fun glasses.

Not a bad day, but not enough stuff for the drive. I think I'm going to pass on any more Detroit sales-it's just wayyyy to far to drive...but I'm sure if I see a boat load of Fiesta or Pyrex in pictures at a Detroit sale-I'll change my mind!

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