Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yesterday VS Today...

So, the builder guy and his workers came out today. He called Kevin at lunch time and said the whole deck has to be ripped out-it's not level-we can't work with it. I'll get a new price to you later question is-why is it not workable today, when it was workable a couple of months ago when we first got a quote from him and he agreed to do the job...why was it workable two weeks ago when we signed the contract?

They took the rest of the rails off and sorted through the materials stacks....and that was it!!





So frustrating! It would have been nice to have seen some progress today. I guess we kinda knew this was coming...the deck does sag in the back right corner (from all of the years of weight from our hot tub). I guess I just don't understand why he never thought of it earlier.

Day 3 comes and goes with nothing to show. Hopefully days 4, 5, 6, and so on go a little better!

Have a good night-I'm off for a little stress relief volleyball!


  1. That stinks! Hopefully, tomorrow will bring better news.

  2. I hope you didn't pay the guy all the money up front....
    He isn't sounding reliable...hopefully it will all work out fine!
    Thanks for visiting me!How's the booth coming along??