Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Delivery, and a Stressed Out Husband!

Yesterday a local lumber company was supposed to deliver windows, lumber and French doors for our sun room project (turning our covered deck into a sun room). Both Kevin and I had to work, and Adam had classes. Eric's school was closed for a professional development day, so he was home. Remember, he's the baby of the family who is almost 17 and is almost 6'5" tall!

The delivery trucks arrived at 10am and sat on the road in front of our house for an hour, watching Eric snow-blow the yard so they could pull through to the back yard to make the delivery. After an hour of sitting and watching, they drove down to the cul-de-sac at the end of the road, circled around and left!

They never said a word-just left! The guy that Kevin hired to help build the sun room was supposed to be here to help unload the truck...he never showed. He left a message on Kevin's phone that he got tied up at another job because of the snow and he'd be here on Tuesday.

Eric ended up clearing the snow from the driveway all the way around to the backyard and then cleared a spot about 20'x20'. Kevin ended up leaving work early yesterday because he was so stressed about all of this.

Today, the trucks came back, and since Kevin was off, he had to help unload...why? The builder guy never showed up again!

 He promises to be here bright and early tomorrow to get started...somehow, I don't have much faith in this guy. I've had a bad feeling about this whole thing ever since Kevin first agreed to hire him. He isn't some inexperienced guy out of work looking for an odd job. He has his own licensed/insured building company and does this for a living! He came very highly recommended by a couple of people.

Hopefully, he will show up (with his son and a couple of his regular workers), and hopefully they will get cracking on putting up the walls and putting in the doors and windows so Kevin can get some sleep!! He doesn't sleep when he's stressed.

We already have the roof over the deck, all they will be doing is putting up walls with the windows and doors.  He says it should take less than 2 weeks to do the whole thing...we'll see!

Here are a couple of before shots...hopefully I will have some shots tomorrow of some good progress! That's Kevin on the ladder and in the other shots.

I'm a little stressed too because we haven't heard from the owners at the antique mall that we are supposed to open a booth in (next week Tuesday). At work things are crazy getting ready for this weekend's youth retreat, another upcoming middle school retreat and all of that paperwork (on top of the regular every day crazy amount of work), my dad's surgery coming up on the 9th (and both of my parents stressing out about it),grandparents in and out of dementia and their shenanigans,  a sick chicken living in our basement (it has to be separated from the other healthy chickens until it is well, otherwise it the others will get sick too), our women's volleyball league starting up at our church (I'm running it), and drop-in volleyball starting up at our church (I'm in charge again!)

I remember commercials from when I was a kid where the woman would say "Calgon...take me away!" to that I'd say YES PLEASE!!! :)

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