Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Thrill of the Hunt...

Since I've been putting in so many hours getting ready for this weekend's high school winter retreat, I got to leave work at 10am today!!  I flew out of there and raced to Flint to an estate sale that looked pretty promising. I knew Auntie had left for the same sale at 7:30, so I was really surprised to see her car parked along the curb when I got there.

I had to wait for about 15 minutes to be let into the house because it was so full of stuff and so full of shoppers-there was literally no room to move! Once I got in, I found some great things right away...figures I forgot my bag in the car-almost 3 blocks away! The house didn't look too big from the outside, but it went on forever on the inside! It had 3 levels and a basement. Coming down the attic stairs with my arms full was kind of scary-the steps were so steep, it was almost like walking down a ladder.

As I was waiting in line, I made an impulse decision to buy a vintage turquoise Fiesta gravy boat. it was marked $10-kind of high for what I usually spend, but it was the old Fiesta. Since my arms were about to give out, I snatched it up and didn't look it over very well...big mistake! After I paid for everything and was packing the stuff back into a box lid I had scrounged up in the basement, I noticed a chip on the bottom rim...ugh...then I noticed that the base had been broken off and glued on...ugh!

It gets better from there...when I got home and was soaking it in the sink, a mini Pyrex refrigerator slipped out of my hand and landed on the gravy there is a full crack in the main body--there goes $10 I'll never see again...kinda makes me a little sick to my stomach. Have you ever bought something on an impulse, and found out later that you totally wasted your money? Not fun-huh?

It will still display nicely-so I guess I'll add it to my collection. I was really hoping to sell it in the booth though. I got a bunch of stuff at the sale, the prices were like garage sale prices! It was weird to see stickers marked a quarter or fifty cents at an estate sale-you don't see that very often around here.

The most expensive thing I bought was the gravy boat, everything else was $2 down to a quarter. When I was done shopping, I saw Auntie back inside for another run through. We were going to meet up outside after, but I realized I needed to hurry and get back toward home, because a bunch of ladies from work were taking me and a two other January birthday girls from the office out to lunch to celebrate. I thought since I was one of the honorees I had better hurry and get there.

We both made it to lunch and had a fun time laughing and enjoying everyone's company. Wasn't that a nice treat?!? I thought so!

 I stopped at the local Salvation Army before heading home and got a few more goodies for the booth, and guess what I saw when I got home??? A builder's truck and trailer in the backyard and 3 guys working on the deck/sunroom!!! YAYYYYY!!!!  I felt bad for them-they looked miserable! It was snowing pretty hard and even though they were bundled up pretty good, they still looked cold. I offered them some coffee, but they said they were good.

Here's what I got today...

I had such a fun day today! Racing to the sale, getting some fun stuff and then racing back for a nice lunch with the girls was just a ton of fun! How was your day?


  1. I had a GREAT day, but you already know that. I have to say, though (in answer to your question) that there are any number of things that fall into the 'I wasted my money on that' category. The only good part is that each one teaches me a little life lesson -- especially about impulse buying! On the other hand, the last thing that I bought at a sale by just 'grabbing it while I was in line' was bought for $5 and I sold it for $51! Not bad for an impulse buy. Oh, well -- live and learn!

  2. Well, your day was much better than mine, but you cheered me up by posting these goodies! Zootsuitmama